Breck: One month update



So, I’m a little late on posting this but here it is! The first month with Breck in our lives has been rewarding, challenging, fun, and exciting. Andy & I jumped into our new roles as Mom & Dad fairly easy. All three of us are new to this so we are all learning!


Height/Weight: 22 inches & 10 lbs 14.5 oz! B is filling out and getting all kinds of rolls!

Sleeping: At night he is waking up every 2 hours. In the mornings he takes a long nap which has been nice!

Eating/Feeding: He has been exclusively breastfed , which has been going really well! Around 3 weeks I started pumping once a day to start a freezer stash for when I go back to work. Andy gave him his first bottle and he took it with no problem. My hope for when I go back to work, part time, is that he will still nurse when he is with me and will take a bottle only when I’m away.


Sizes:  Newborn fits best but we didn’t buy much of that. Carter’s 3 month clothes also fit really well.

Milestones: He is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He is getting stronger everyday. He isn’t a fan of tummy time but can turn his head from side to side.


Dusting off the old running shoes

On Sunday I charged up my Garmin, dug out my running shoes, and headed out for a short run. It felt awesome to get out all my old running clothes! I hadn’t worn them in so long that they all felt new! I decided to just run- no time goals, or even distance goals. I would just go out and do what I could. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t want to push myself too hard.

I’ll admit, I thought I’d get out there and feel comfortable at an easy pace. Boy, was I wrong. It was tough! As I was running my first mile I questioned how I ever ran 26! I pushed myself to get to the first mile and then I could take a break. I was shocked to see I ran that mile at an 11:00 pace. By how I felt I thought I would have been at least in the 9′s!

After taking a break (I ended up seeing my mom drive by so she stopped to chat) I started mile two. A good song came on Pandora and I picked up the pace. I guess I felt a little more warmed up. I felt much better in the second mile, even with a slight incline, and ran it in 10:45.


At the end I felt tired, but thrilled to be running again. I know with time my speed will come back. I also know with time my endurance will come back. For now I am just going to enjoy the run. I’ve missed that quiet time, taking in all the sights, smelling the fresh air (or laundry, or the grill, or the smelly trash-ha), and just that sense of accomplishment you get after you finish a run. I need to get my pace back down so I can run with my brother again.

I felt sore yesterday which was something I hadn’t felt in a long time! I loved it! I am already looking forward to running again this weekend! Who knows, maybe I will be able to run just a little bit further & a little bit faster :)

If you had a baby, or taken a significant time off running, how did you feel on the first run? Did it get easier as time went? What  did your training look like?

Body & exercise after baby

As I mentioned in my previous post, I stopped exercising at week 37. While I have enjoyed every single moment cuddling with my new baby I have missed a good workout. Actually, what I miss the most is running. I stopped that around 31 weeks, which was a little over 3 months ago! The weather has been perfect for running, but I am playing it smart and am waiting until my 6 week follow up with my doctor.

Way back when I stopped running I already figured out which race I would do as my first race back. I picked one of my favorite, the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race 10k. Ever since the Flying Pig half my brother has caught the running bug and will be doing this race with me too. I will have plenty of time to work back up to 6 miles. This race is huge, so I have no goals for time-I just want to get back out there! I need to dust that Garmin off!

This week I will am slowly getting back to exercise. It’s been 1 month since Breck arrived and I feel ready. I am starting with barre and yoga classes. Back in the summer I bought a Groupon to one of my favorite local studios for 2 months unlimited. My best friend bought it as well so we will be going together. They also offer a new dance class that I can not wait to attend!

I also have been taking advantage of B’s nap times. I was able to squeeze a workout in last week that left me sore for 2 days! I’m not used to feeling out of shape so this starting slow is new to me!


After being pregnant for 40 weeks and 4 days I ended up gaining 32 pounds. The day I went into labor I had lost 2 lbs. About a week after I was down another 20 lbs (thank you breastfeeding!), and as of last week I am only 8 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight ( I don’t own a scale so I could be less than that now). I’m actually not too concerned with what number is on the scale, I just want to tone up.  I am going to continue to nurse/pump so I am in no hurry to lose weight. I currently can get my old jeans on but they don’t button, my hips are still a bit wide. I have missed wearing “real people” clothes so this weekend I went out to Old Navy and bought a pair of jeans one size up. My wallet, and husband (ha!), hope I don’t have to go out and buy all new pants but I know I still have time!

I almost didn’t want to share my after pregnancy photos because I feel that women are too quick to compare.  I would look at other postpartum blog posts and those motivated me to post mine. I worked hard during pregnancy to stay active and I am proud with how my body looks now. My goal is to just be the best me, which should be everyone’s goal! I am looking forward to seeing how my body changes. It still amazes me that I was able to grow a healthy baby boy! I will say, exercising during pregnancy was the best thing I did for myself.  Since I am a personal trainer I can share what I know with future clients who are moms to be, and new moms!


The day I went into labor


one month postpartum


one month postpartum

Currently my plan is to attend barre class twice a week, attend dance class 1-2 times a week, and walk as much as I can. If I am feeling up for it, or have the time, I will throw in a home workout. I will share my progress monthly!

Introducing Breck

I kept wanting to update everyone on how my pregnancy was going, but I never got around to logging on the computer! The last 6 weeks of pregnancy are probably the longest, especially the last 4 or so. Towards the end I was really sore after walking/standing all day. I would be really exhausted after work. I exercised up until week 37, my last class I took made me sore for days on end so I knew my time was up! I went 4 days (only by 9 minutes into the 4th day) past my due date. I love reading birth stories so I wanted to share mine!


I had my 40 week +1 day appointment on August 19. I had a sonogram where they checked the baby and did all the measurements. We only had one other sonogram at 20 weeks so we were excited to see how much he had grown. We saw he had chubby cheeks which only made us more eager to get him here! I also had my non stress test, and everything looked good. After my check I was still not dilated and only 30 % thinned, which is what I had been for weeks. I figured I would make it to my 41 week appointment, but little guy had other plans.

At about 4:45 on August 21 I woke up to cramps. They would come and go and I remember thinking ‘is this labor?!’. I did what all first time pregnant ladies would do and got on Google right away to see if what I was feeling were contractions. I started timing them and they were sporadic, ranging from 5-8 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from :30-1:00. They still felt mild and I could talk through them. I was scheduled to work at 8am so I called in to say I wouldn’t be making my first assignment and that I’d let them know if I was truly in labor to make it in or not. I called the doctor and left a message to let them know what was going on. I got a call back around 9 from my doctor who said I could either go about my day to see what happened or I could go for an hour vigorous walk to see if the contractions would either go away or become more intense. I immediately changed and threw on my running shoes to head out the door. Andy and I walked for about two miles. Towards the end of the walk I would have to stop to breathe through the pain. I knew this was the real deal and was getting really excited!

Around 11 I called the doctor back to let them know I was still having contractions and they were becoming stronger but again, I was able to talk through them. They went ahead and scheduled me to come in around 2 to get checked out. I took a shower and ate lunch just in case they were going to send me to the hospital right away. Andy loaded the car up, we took one last pregnant belly photo, and we headed out the door.

When I got to the doctor I was surprised to see I had lost 2 pounds since my appointment on Tuesday, bonus! The midwife, who just so happened to be my favorite person in the practice, was the one working and was on call that day. She came in to do my check and we found out I was about 90% thinned and 2-3 cm! Progress was happening! She told me to head home and call as soon as the pain was more intense. She said I was still smiling so I was still feeling good. I do have a pretty high pain tolerance so I was nervous that I would never get to that point of not smiling. Plus, I had a baby coming-who wouldn’t be smiling for that exact reason!?

We got home around 3 and I went and laid on the couch. I could not get comfortable to take a nap. Andy and I were timing contractions again and they got to 5 minutes apart (sometimes less), and lasted for a minute. I was feeling the intensity increase and I knew it was time to call the doctor. The nurse put me on hold and as soon as she came back on the phone I had a contraction. I couldn’t answer her so I threw the phone to Andy who talked to her. They told us to go ahead and go into triage. This was it!

The hospital is about 1o miles away, but it felt way further than that. Contractions and the car really aren’t a good match! Andy did a great job letting me know when a bump was coming up. We finally made it to the hospital around 4:30. We got signed in and I headed off to triage while Andy went to get our bags out of the car. When I got check there I was 100% thinned and 6-7 cm! I was immediately admitted into a room and started getting all hooked up.

I didn’t really have a birth plan but I wanted to see how long I could go without getting an epidural. We called our families to let them know we were in the hospital and getting ready to have the baby! Everyone hung out in the room with us. The contractions were getting stronger at that point and I could feel my water getting ready to break. I was starting to feel exhausted by this point (about 7pm). It had been a long day so far! I asked the nurse what the do or die moment was for getting the epi and she said as long as I could sit still I could get it at any point. I also asked that once water broke if the pain would be more intense and she told me yes. That’s when I decided it was time to get the epi. I needed energy to get through pushing!

The epidural was great! As soon as I got it I felt so much better! Around 9 I got check and was fulled dilated! The midwife called to have them break my water, which ended up happening without any assistance. They then sat me up so that the baby would move into position a little bit better.  The midwife got to the hospital around 11:15 and it was show time!

Everyone except Andy, my mom, and his mom left the delivery room to go wait in the waiting room. I was told I had the perfect epidural. I could see move my legs a tiny bit and I could feel the contractions, they were just less intense. It was time to push! Andy had one leg while my mom was the counter.  After a couple pushes they switched and Andy was the counter while my mom held my leg. I was still feeling really good, so good that during one of the rests I asked when I’d be able to eat something, ha! Andy was such a great coach. He kept me focused and calm. We both were so ready to meet our son.

After about 20 minutes of pushing our son, Breck, entered the world at 12:09 on August 22. We were all shocked with his weight of 7lbs 13 oz. I could have sworn he would have been in the 6 pound range {I should have known better, I was sore for weeks from carrying that weight around!}.

That moment when they laid Breck on my chest is one I will never forget. As the tears were flowing I was just in awe of this little guy. It was most definitely love at first sight. Andy reached to touch his hand and Breck instantly wrapped his little fingers around Andy’s finger. My heart just melted. I waited a long 40 weeks for that exact moment.

10645124_10101917234693315_1182790669022556163_n 10649567_10101917234793115_1418451916085027279_n


Life with B has been great so far. I recovered really well and have been even getting out of the house at least once a day since we came home. Andy took on the dad role like a pro! He’s always making sure B and I have everything we need and seeing him hold our son makes my heart turn to mush. I couldn’t imagine my life any different right now!

Enjoying the summer

 It has been way too long since my last update. My baby bump is growing by the day! Today marks 34 weeks, which leave about 6 weeks left until his due date! We are really close to getting his room finished and getting all those little things done before his arrival! We just got back from a long weekend at the lake and it was exactly what we both needed. It felt great just to relax and float in the water. I should make more trips to the pool! I’ve done some shopping, it’s just so hard not to walk out of Carter’s without some kind of little outfit! Plus, I’ve found really great deals there! A few weeks ago I had my baby shower, which my best friend Lauren did a great job of hosting! I will have to blog about it soon! I haven’t ran in a few weeks because it hasn’t felt all that great, even though I have a support belt (Thanks Jené !) but it does help with walking. I am still going to the gym 3-4 times a week for PE class, which is a lot like Cross Fit. I ride the bike for cardio and still lift weights. That is what feels good to me most of the time. I look forward to running again this fall after I get the all clear from the doctor. Plus, it has been super humid so the cooler temps will feel nice. I did mention to Andy the other day that I do miss those long runs of 16-20 miles. I know it won’t be long till I get back there!

Since there is no better way to catch up than through pictures, I thought I’d add some of all the fun things I’ve been doing so far!


33 weeks 6 days


The baby’s room is coming together


One haul from Carter’s. Not too bad for $19!


My last run/walk.


My favorite coworker retired :(


31 weeks


Andy and me at the lake! Crazy to think next year the little guy will be joining us!