End of second trimester -27 weeks

The first trimester went so slow! The second. ..well it flew by! I have a feeling the third will be even faster! I hope the second trimester energy keeps up for a while even though I’ve read it slowly goes away.

27 weeks:

Weight gain: As of my 25 week appointment I’m up 11 pounds. Right on track!

Workouts: I ran 4 miles on Saturday and felt great running, after my hips felt sore. I think my long distance days are over. I’m going to stick to 3-4 miles. I got to the gym 3 days and really enjoyed that. I’ve been focusing more on cross training. Thats what feels good!

Symptoms: Occasional heartburn.

Movement: He loves to kick! I’m now feeling those wave type movements, so cool and weird! Andy felt him the other day and said the same thing!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Still loving fresh fruit, and ice cold water. I ate chicken a few times last week so I think that aversion is going away.

Sleep: still sleeping great!

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: Thanks to the Kate Spade 75% off sale I picked up this diaper bag for $99! I’ve been saving giftcards for a special treat and this was it!


We also ordered a glider for his room from Zulily that I’m in love with! I can’t wait for it to arrive! My best friend is throwing me a shower in June and the invitations went out this week!

Looking forward to: the three day weekend!

Belly button: Sometimes it’s in, sometimes its out a little. I think it depends on where the baby is laying.

Wedding rings: still on

Happy or moody? : I’m happy for the most part! But if I’m hungry I get grouchy :)

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  1. Jene
    June 5, 2014 at 3:26 pm (612 days ago)

    Weird and random, but since I “know” you I thought I’d offer – do you want my support belt for pregnant running? I always wore it over my base layer and under a t-shirt. Those things are $$, so if you don’t want to buy one, but want to use one, let me know!


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