Back At It

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know my passion for running. In the beginning of June I started having knee pain, something I had never experience before. I was out for a run with my friend and the pain came on quick. I finished our 6.5 mile run and was in pain for a few days. I thought it was just a fluke and went for a run a  week later. I was wrong, the pain was back. It was then I knew it was time to get it checked out.

Turns out when you run and exercise a lot your muscles get tight {duh!} and mine were telling me that with the knee pain. I went to a chiropractor that deals with sports injuries and learned some stretches to do. I was told to put my running on hold. While it didn’t feel good to hear that I knew what needed to be done to get better. I had already signed up for a 4 mile race and he told me I would be okay to run, but to just take it easy {something I struggle with!}.  I ran the race and still felt pain, but it was not as intense as before. So my running ban was still in place.

I did my stretches and foam rolled almost everyday. Since I wasn’t running I had more time to take fitness classes at the gym. I learned to like the rowing machine and work 0n loosening up my quad and glute.

What I was doing was working because I got the okay to run last week. He told me to start off slow, so that is what I did. I ran at the gym, which has a small indoor track, and would do just a few laps at a time {10 laps equal a mile}.

At dance practice on Monday the team had to run. I joined the girls and felt really good {we ran three quarters of a mile}. I felt ready to take these legs out for a run. Yesterday morning I went out for three miles.

I was so happy to see negative splits! While waiting at red lights I would stretch out, which helped.

I’m going to still take it easy but I’m happy to be back to running. There is no better feeling than finishing a good run!

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