Lake Weekend

I love when we get to go to Lake Cumberland for the weekend. It is always laid back and relaxing. This was our second {and possibly last} weekend down there this summer. The first weekend we went it was chilly out and we didn’t get in the water. This weekend it was a little different, it was all we could think about! That didn’t stop me from starting my morning out with a latte {and hot chocolate for Logan!}


We headed out on the water at about 11:30. We cruised around for a while until we headed back to “our spot” to eat some lunch and hang out. It was fun to just float around in the water but that didn’t last long. We then went into the biggest splash contests, what’s your favorite {not the same without the high dive!}, and best dive contest. I was ready to get out on the wake board since I didn’t get to the last time we were down there. {pics from last summer since I didn’t get any this year}

It also was a weekend of firsts. David and Logan both were on the wake boards, I knee boarded, and Andy went up on the wake board. I like the wake board better than the knee board but it was fun to do a 360 on the board!

After everyone had their turn doing the different water sports we went to a quiet spot so Logan could fish. Sadly, he didn’t catch anything but he did bait his own hook!

We finally headed in after being out on the water for 10.5 hours. It was a long day but worth it. We had a blast! Plus, seeing the sunset on the water is a beautiful site to see!

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