Fitness: F.I.T.E {review}

It has been a while since I have reviewed a new workout. A trainer at my current gym has been asking people to try out a boxing sytle class with her {she goes every week} and a few weeks ago I finally was able to go {class time is at 10am}.

We went to Fighter Inspired Training for Everyone, or FITE. The gym is located in a part of town I never really go so I’ve never heard of it. It has been really hot here and the building does not have AC. I was prepared to sweat!

First thing we had to do was take our shoes off. We worked out on a mat, so shoes were not necessary. We did a ten minute warm up that included all kinds of exercises. We ran around the small mat and then someone would yell out “10 push ups” or “sprawl ” {aka burpee}, etc. They would also change the kind of running, high knees, butt kickers, reverse, etc.  It really got my heart rate up.

Next we had to get a partner to do some abs, push ups, and squats. We did each of those for a minute and did a 30 second active recovery {burpees} in between. We did this for a total of 10 minutes. Talk about a butt kicker! I was sweating like crazy at this point.

We were about halfway through the class so it was time to put the boxing gloves on. This is what I was looking forward to trying out! Different stations were set up and we stayed at each one for a minute. The hardest one was in “the cage.” It was one-on-one with the trainer. We had to do ten punches followed by a knee hit and an around the world kick. Boxing is no joke! That was some tough stuff! I was happy when class was over and was really pleased with the workout.

It also helped seeing this high calorie burn {for me} on my Polar watch:

I went back the next week and pushed myself even harder. Seeing the calorie burn that time proved that:

I love trying out new types of workouts. I will say I am a fan of FITE. I have gone 3 times and bought a pass to go more. The owner is super friendly, which is a plus. I felt welcome in this small group class. Also, any place that does a first class free is a winner in my book. I don’t think there is anything worse than paying $10-$20 for a workout class that is just terrible/not for you. I bought a pass for $25 that will cover 5 classes (6 if you include my first class), which is a great price! That should take me to the end of the summer. I will go when we have a random Friday off as well.

Have you tried a workout that was totally different than the norm?

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