August 10th 2012 archive

OOTD: A Night at the Aquarium

Last weekend, Andy’s work had their company gathering at the Newport Aquarium. This was the first year that it was  being held there and we were more than excited to go! Andy had never been there before and the last time I went was when it opened in 1999. One thing I was looking forward to was seeing was Mighty Mike, the 15 foot alligator.

He was huge! The worker that was in front of this exhibit was surprised to see him out of the water. He was just sleeping on his deck:

Until he heard the commotion happening outside his exhibit. He is one animal I would not want to cross paths with!

The other thing I was looking forward to was petting a penguin! I think penguins are funny little creatures. Their wobble is adorable! We got to pet Paula.


It was neat to walk through the giant tanks. The sting rays would coast right along the glass eating the little pieces of food. It was cool to see!


Since this was a work party I thought it was the perfect time to wear my new Target dress that I scored for just $4! My secret? Before heading to the store check out what coupons Target has, then head straight to the clearance racks to get the best deals! This dress was originally $20!

 I wasn’t really trying to get Andy is his outfit, I was just trying to work with the manual settings on the camera (which I need to learn!).  I was going through my photos and I thought I would add this one for fun! {I should have made him take the camera bag off :) }

I don’t know if we would have ever gone to the aquarium without having the party there. We had a really good time! And it just so happened Andy’s cousins were out for the night right by where we were. It was nice to end the night with a few drinks and laughs!