July 26th 2012 archive

Chase Them

The other day I updated my slate roof tile/chalkboard to a new quote. I LOVE everything about this quote. Often our dreams get pushed aside. We get caught up in life right now and put our dreams on hold.

I have already chased down and fulfilled dreams I set up in my life. I graduated college, bought a beautiful house, married my best friend, became a coach of my old HS dance team, ran a marathon, & so much more.

Fulfilling dreams just means I get to make room for more!

One day I dream…

to own a cupcake shop

 to be a fitness trainer

to be a mom

 to visit Ireland

 to run a sub-4 hour marathon.

 If we don’t give ourselves dreams in life then we have nothing to strive for. I don’t know how long I will have to chase these dreams but I plan on giving it everything I’ve got.

What dreams do you have?