June 12th 2012 archive

Double Digits

You know you are an adult when you say “how in the world is LJ already 10!? I remember being 10 years old” That is basically what I said to myself this morning! I can’t believe LJ is in double digits. It feels like yesterday he was in diapers and dancing to music :) and I’m just his aunt! It has to feel even more crazy for Lauren for him to be 10!

Being an aunt is a pretty cool thing. And right now LJ is at an age where he still wants to hang out with his aunt & uncle. Just a few weeks ago we were heading down to the lake. He decided to ride down with Andy and myself. Towards the end of the three hour drive we were getting a little bored. That is when I decided to plug my phone in to play some different music. It just so happened Justin Beiber’s Boyfriend was the first song to play. All three of us broke out into a sing-a-long and dance. We were having fun, being goofy, and laughing at each other the whole time. It’s times like that I will treasure forever.  He is my favorite person on this earth! I am thankful everyday to have him in my life and get to have him in our family!

One fun fact-his mom and I have been friends since the age he is now!

The boy defiantly got his style from his mama. And since his mom is my bff her style has rubbed off on me too! One thing Lauren loves is shoes. I think it is genetic because LJ has that same love. The brighter the better for this kid! We all wore our bright shoes to dinner the other night. I had to have Andy snap a picture:

Happy birthday LJ! I hope the next 10 years don’t fly as fast as the first 10!