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Friday Letters

Trying something new and linking up for Friday Letters.


Dear running shoes: oh how I’ve missed you! I will be wearing you again this Saturday for a fun 4 mile race. But other than that I am on strict orders to take a 2 week break :(

Dear chiropractor: thank you for figuring out my knee/hip pain issues. The stretches are working! Also, thanks for the one day pass to run in the race this weekend.

Dear Groupon: seriously where have all the good deals gone? I have credit to spend but I do not want to buy a soccer camp pass, magazine subscription, or an iphone bottle opener. Give me the good salon,  fitness, clothing deals like you used to have!

Dear blog: I am sorry I have neglected you this summer. I’ve been too busy soaking up the sun!

Dear freelancing agency:  Thank you for contacting me with so many jobs. I love the extra cash and freelancing reminds me why I love interpreting. All these jobs are what I’ve been needing to get me out of my funk.

Dear readers: Thanks for reading, be sure to leave comments to let me know what you think about my posts. Comments help me connect with readers and know what to continue to post about!

Dear husband: I am happy you took the afternoon off today. Let’s do something fun today-pool & lunch?

Dear Verizon: Your new share everything plan is a joke! So glad we got our upgrades before this went into effect & got to keep our unlimited data! I can not wait to get my new Samsung Galaxy III in just 12 days!

Dear Kenny Chesney: I will see you in 2 days and I CANNOT wait! It has been way too long since our last get together. I’ve had these tickets since December so needless to say it has been a long wait!

Summer Lovin’

I have been totally slacking on my blogging. Since my last post my handsome husband turned 28, I went to an interpreters workshop in Columbus, worked a few freelance jobs, and wasted days away at the pool. This is the life!

If you follow me on Instagram you have been keeping up with me {if not follow me! @allie_0906}

I’ve also been reading while at the pool. I am almost finished with Nicholas Spark’s book, Best of Me. I have pre-ordered Emily Giffin’s newest book for my Nook and I CAN NOT wait to read it!

I haven’t been running due to knee pain. I did get it checked out and it turns out my quads and glutes are super tight which is causing the pain. Its nothing that a few adjustments and stretches won’t fix! I am only off running for 2 weeks (except for the race I’ve already registered for on Saturday). I’ve been keeping myself busy with cross training but I have missed running, especially on days like today when the humidity is low. I know these next few weeks will fly by!

Overall, summer has started off great! I only hope the trend keeps up for the next few months!

Double Digits

You know you are an adult when you say “how in the world is LJ already 10!? I remember being 10 years old” That is basically what I said to myself this morning! I can’t believe LJ is in double digits. It feels like yesterday he was in diapers and dancing to music :) and I’m just his aunt! It has to feel even more crazy for Lauren for him to be 10!

Being an aunt is a pretty cool thing. And right now LJ is at an age where he still wants to hang out with his aunt & uncle. Just a few weeks ago we were heading down to the lake. He decided to ride down with Andy and myself. Towards the end of the three hour drive we were getting a little bored. That is when I decided to plug my phone in to play some different music. It just so happened Justin Beiber’s Boyfriend was the first song to play. All three of us broke out into a sing-a-long and dance. We were having fun, being goofy, and laughing at each other the whole time. It’s times like that I will treasure forever.  He is my favorite person on this earth! I am thankful everyday to have him in my life and get to have him in our family!

One fun fact-his mom and I have been friends since the age he is now!

The boy defiantly got his style from his mama. And since his mom is my bff her style has rubbed off on me too! One thing Lauren loves is shoes. I think it is genetic because LJ has that same love. The brighter the better for this kid! We all wore our bright shoes to dinner the other night. I had to have Andy snap a picture:

Happy birthday LJ! I hope the next 10 years don’t fly as fast as the first 10!

Nashville: Cupcakes & a PR

It was that time again to go visit my college friend down in Nashville along with my other college friend, Meagan. This year we had a different plan. Normally we go to one night of the CMA Fest but we didn’t get to make it there this year. We kept the weekend low key, which meant we all had a chance to catch up. We shared laughs, drinks, and cupcakes! Being the cupcake queen that I am I had to make sure to stop at a cupcake shop while we were in town. Heather knew of two great places. Our first stop was The Cupcake Collection.

The story of this cupcake shop is awesome. They sell the cupcakes (for$1.50!-great price!) out of their home. They had nothing, and starting selling cupcakes to survive. It’s a very inspiring story! Once we got to the shop we found out they were sold out :( The guys working said they actually had one left but it wasn’t pretty and since I came all the way from Cincinnati they would give it to me for free.  Talk about great customer service! Lucky for me it was a strawberry cupcake, which is one of my favorite flavors! I love how they made them with fresh strawberries inside. They were very moist and full of flavor. It was the perfect icing to cupcake ratio too!

We then headed off to dinner at Chuy’s. I have heard of this place from southern bloggers and I’ve only heard great things. This place did not disappoint. I just wish they would come up north a little bit, or maybe not-I would be wanting to go all the time!

Then it was time to check out the second cupcake shop of the trip, which just so happened to be right across the street.

Gigi’s cupcakes was all about the icing!  Meagan got the chocolate raspberry frappe, I enjoyed the chocolate salted caramel, and Heather treated herself to the midnight magic. We ate off these cupcakes all weekend! They were very rich and full of flavor. They were a little steep at $3.25 a piece but it was the right price for the portion.

The next day we headed out to the Hell or High Water 5k race. I wanted to run while on this trip and I found this race. Two years ago Nashville was affected from a flood that left a large portion of the city underwater. This race was set up afterwards to raise money for the victims. This was only the second year for the race so it was rather small (173 people ran the 5k). I was ready to PR-until the week of the race and my IT band decided to hate me. I babied it all week with RICE { Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation} and thought maybe I could run. I talked to my athletic trainer friend who told me how to wrap up my leg to help with the pain. Turns out what I did was perfect because I ran and I PR’d.

First in my age group, 5th female to finish, and 25th overall. I was thrilled! I PR’d by over 2 minutes.  They were having technical difficulties so I have to wait for my medal to be mailed to me (top 3 in AG received awards)

We spent the rest of our Saturday afternoon at the mall for some shopping and then the pool for some sunshine. We headed out to dinner at another local favorite of Heather’s, Mafiaoza’s. I had to celebrate the PR with a beer. I went with a SweetWater 420 pale ale.

It went perfect with our bruschetta:

I really liked how you can order one slice of pizza with any toppings that you wish. I went with green peppers and pineapple:

We then were off to Centennial Park to watch the dancers and listen to the big bands. We finished the trip off with a stop at Jeni’s. I loved this place! I tasted a few of the ice cream flavors but settled on lemon & blueberry and plum sake. Delicious!

It was fun to get away and try some new places. Thanks again to Heather for having us visit!





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Happy National Running Day! 

I tend to talk about running a lot on my blog but it is a huge part of my life. I love everything running does for me. It’s challenging , rewarding, fun (yes, I said it!), and something I can do for myself.

I run to relax. I run to feel insprired. I run to vent. I run to catch up with friends. I run to test myself. I run to get stronger. I run because I can.

I run for me.

I run.

To celebrate I will be running at both kickball & soccer tonight. I’m nursing a sore IT band but should be back on the road soon. I will be visiting a friend in Nashville this weekend, so I signed up for a 5k. I need to better for the race!

Are you running today? Why do you run?