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Birthday Wishes

I can’t believe another birthday is coming up. Seriously?! As I have said many of time I will be running a marathon on my birthday. First and foremost the number one thing I could want from anyone on my birthday is support. Knowing that my family & friends will be out on the course cheering me on has be super pumped. What would make it better is if they held a sign ;) But even if there is no signs hearing them will be just as good! If you aren’t a runner you might not understand how much a little thing like that really pushes someone to keep going. That is my number one wish.

I also am hoping someone has this for me at the end of the race

I know at the post race/birthday celebration my mom will have one of these DQ icecream cakes for me

And now for some fun things:

From H&M

From Charlotte Russe

From Target

From Lululemon

From Nordstrom inspired by Pinterest

Tapering Down

I remember when we got our training schedule I thought that 18 weeks was forever. I told myself this training was going to drag on, like the race would never get here. But after 17 weeks I can honestly say those weeks FLEW by. Almost as fast as blinking your eyes. I thought, how in the world am I going to ever run 20 miles, and since then I’ve done it twice (20 miles & 22 miles). My body amazes me every day.

One thing I have been looking forward to is the 2 week taper. I wonder if every marathon runner feels the same. It’s like the reflection time in the training. All the hard work is done and its time to relax before the big day. It has been hard for me to “rest” but I know it is what my body needs. I have reduced my runs and added Bikram Yoga into the mix to help work out my muscles.

This week is the final week before the race. My plan for the week is the following:

M-Run 4-5 miles

T- Bikram

W- Run 5-6 miles


Then I will rest. I may go for a short jog/run Friday so my legs can get moving. I took Friday and next Monday off work. I get 3 personal days a year and haven’t used any-couldn’t think of a better time to use them!

I keep having marathon related nightmares. First I had one where I forgot my watch (tragic! I wouldn’t know my pace!), couldn’t find my running buddy, and found out they added stairs to the course. My second dream was just as odd-it was snowing  and after I was down at the race and getting ready to start I realized I was in construction boots (??) and thin dress sock. I told Andy to run home, get my shoes, and meet me on the course so I could switch them out. Ha! I guess you can tell all I keep thinking about it the race!

This week on the blog will be dedicated to the marathon/my birthday. Tomorrow- my birthday wish list!

OOTD:Target Style

One of my recent favorite place to shop for clothes as been Target. Recently they have had some really cute things. What makes it even better is every few weeks they text me coupons. They usually have a “theme” (Holidays, Summer, etc) and usually contain at least one coupon for a clothing item. This past month they had a 20% off any dress coupon that I took advantage of (also a 15% off any Mossimo brand that I got a maxi skirt with! Outfit soon!) and got this Mossimo tunic. I am always on the hunt for a deal, so I always hit up the clearance rack to find something to use my coupon with. This tunic retails (and is still online for) $24.99. It was marked down to $17.49 – 20% which means I got it for $13.98! I love a good deal!

Mossimo tunic {Buy it here}

Mossimo leggings {Buy them here}

Glitter belt {NY&CO}

Target sandals {Similar here}

I love the detail on the tunic

If you don’t get Target’s mobile coupons sign up for them here! It is super easy to just show them your phone at the check out and they scan the coupon! So go ahead and sign up! Your wallet will thank me :)

Spring Wreath

One thing I have really taken an interest in making is wreaths for the front door. My usual go to project was getting a grapevine wreath, a strand of “berries”, floral wire, and ribbon. I would put it all together in less than 5 minutes and I would get something like this:

Cute, but boring as well. It did it’s job but I have since branched out. I now have taken it a step further! Thanks to Pinterest I decided to go a different way for a spring wreath. This time I did not use a grapevine wreath! I thought I would try out the moss wreath! It was so easy to make so I thought I would share my how to!

{sorry for the fuzzy picture, my camera wouldn’t focus for me, hence why I don’t have step by step photos}

What you will need

Styrofoam wreath

Dark green spray paint

Spray glue

Glue gun (not pictured)

Bag of moss

Bundle of flowers


Twine (not pictured)

Floral pins (not pictured)

I bought all my supplies, except for the spray paint, at Micheal’s. I made this wreath for about $30 (could be cheaper with sales/coupons)

First spray paint the wreath green. I wasn’t sure if the white would show through so I did this just to make sure it would all blend.

Once that dries next you need to warm up the glue gun. Put the glue on like crazy and stick the moss on the wreath. There is no rhyme or reason to this just glue and stick!

Once you have all the moss on the wreath spray it with the spray glue just so it sticks. I let mine dry for a full day before I moved on to the next step.

I bundled up my flowers and wrapped the bottom with the burlap. I pinned the bouquet on with the floral pins. Last step was the hang it on the door!

I am so pleased with the turn out!


 What do you have on your front door?

Vacation Dreamin’

With less than 8 weeks left in the year for work all I can think about is what to do this summer. Besides my summer job (aka working on my tan) I need to travel! I already have plans to go to the lake and then to Nashville to visit a friend the first two weeks in June. But that isn’t enough. This girl needs to go some place new and exciting!

Andy & I have no excuse to go on vacation. We don’t have kids, we both have time off, and we both have the desire to travel. The only thing we need to figure out is where. In the past few years we have gone to NYC/NJ, Chicago, USVI,the Carolina’s, Florida, &  Las Vegas. We love culture, good food, and a fun atmosphere.

That’s where my readers come in :) Where are your favorite places to visit? Do you live in a city that is totally cool and we need to check out? We are down for anything so please share!