March 1st 2012 archive

2 months down!

I feel like it was just yesterday I wrote about the first month of training. Time is really going fast! This month was full of struggles and accomplishments. I had to run a few times indoor (which sucked), ran in the rain, and had a few off days. On the other hand I ran my longest run yet, made some new friends, and hit over 100 miles for the month.

Last Feburary I ran a total of 4.2 miles. It was one random day we had decent weather. In 2011 I ran a total of 281 miles for the whole year. Already for 2012 I am up to 184, I’m going to crush last year and it feels awesome. It just shows you can put your mind to anything.

I look forward to my Saturday morning long runs. There is something about seeing how much further I can run that keeps me going. From this point on I will be running some really high numbers and I can not wait. As I was running last weekend I really could picture myself running for 26.2 miles, it didn’t seem that far out of reach. Then I got pooped on by a bird, I mean how does that happen!?! I have heard that is good luck, but it still was pretty gross!

The tempo, fartlek, and hilly runs have kicked my butt. A few weeks ago I had a run that I was just off. I know those happen but I really had a moment where I thought what the heck am I doing training for a marathon. I can barely stand running this 7 miler. We all have those days, and thankfully I have people I can vent to about a sucky run and then move on with it.

I will be updating weekly about my training. I have been keeping a journal about each run so far but I want to share my experience on here. I want other first time marathon runners to find¬†encouragement¬†here and just maybe I’ll get the same thing back. Oh yea, I thrilled the weather is warming up and I can wear things like this:

p.s.-I’ve been in such a blogging rut! I need some inspirations!