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Allie Lately

Life, lately, for me has me busy. After work, studying, coaching, and running I don’t feel like I have time for much of anything else. I am not complaining through, I am loving every moment of life right now! My life lately has included the following:

Sports. On Thursday nights Andy plays softball. I love going to his games for two reasons- watching him and catching up with all the girls. This was the sunset we were able to see last week.


Family meals. After my long run Saturday I saw a text from my brother that had a picture of his kitchen set up for breakfast. I took him up on his invitation and joined them for french toast.
Then on Sunday, I had my family over for dinner. We grilled out then played a game of bocce. I would like every Sunday to end that way. I’m fortune to live just a couple minutes away from my mom and my brother’s family!


Time with friends. A few weekends ago we four seperate parties for friends. I love any excuse to get together!

wpid-20130720_090919Lots of running.So I haven’t made it official or talked about it much on here but I have decided to start training for a fall marathon! I was hesitant on committing because of the summer heat but so far things have been going well! It’s different this time around because I am training all alone (normally I’m with a group). I will post more about the race later!

Every free moment I get I have been using it to study for my CPT exam. The material is getting way more in depth. I am learning things I never thought I’d need to know. I still need to schedule my exam. I’m getting nervous and excited at the same time!

So that’s been my life lately! What’s been going on with you? Who has trained for a marathon by themselves? How do you pass the time on those long runs?

Rocket Man 10k

On the Fourth of July I ran in a local 10k. It was put on by the same organization that hosts the Cincinnati Half Marathon that I ran in 2011 & 2012. One thing I like about this group is their ‘no fills’ race entry. This 10k only cost $18! The 5k was a great deal too at 13 bucks.


There was a good amount of runners and walkers that came out. The weather was hot and humid. I have came to the conclusion that that combo is my kryptonite. It sucks the life right out of me. Anyway, the 5k started at 7:30 and they decided to start the 10k about 10 minutes after that. While waiting at the starting line I thought I had my Garmin all synced up to the satellites. I chatted with a girl who was talking about training for a fall marathon and I was telling her about my plans. Next thing I knew they started the countdown to start our race. I looked at my Garmin and it looked ready to go. After I crossed those blue mats I hit the start button to only see the stopwatch going, not the miles or my pace :( . I must have turn the satellites off by accident. I had to go off this race by

feel.   image

The course was nice and shady, which would have been nice if it was sunny out. We ran on a local bike trail that included a little off roading through gravel.  The 10k course was two laps of the 5k course. I’m not a fan of loop races because I don’t like seeing the finish line when I still have a little bit to go. It was motivating though to see the energy at the finish line. I hit the half way mark at 23:52. I did a quick wave hello to my mom and went back out for my second loop. By this point I was tired. I was loosing energy quick. I knew there was a water stop right after mile 4 so I picked it up a little to make it there. I took a sip of water and threw the rest down the back of my shirt. It felt good!

I saw a couple familiar faces at the race so when we would pass each other we would cheer each other on. I also cheered on my new friend I met at the starting line :) . A little motivation never hurt anyone!

By mile 5 I was tired. I was ready to be done and I was regretting not signing up for the 5k. That’s when I snapped out of it and thought about the people who would love to run right now. I sucked it up and finished strong. I crossed the finish line at 49:51. Not my fastest but not my slowest. I was happy!


At the race the results said I was the third female in my age group so I picked up my medal. Turns out, when I got home at looked at the results I was actually the second female. Either way I was still excited! I was 30/133 overall and the 9th female overall.

I made sure to wear my red, white, and blue! This is a race that I will run again! It was fun to run on another holiday besides Thanksgiving.

Who else raced this weekend?

Jam Packed Weekend

This weekend was full of all kinds of events. Really, the only thing we had planned was the Kenny Cheseny concert on Friday night. Everything else just happened, which was kind of fun!

Friday, I was able to get off work early (thank you flex time!). So I met Andy and my nephew up at the rec center. Instead of driving up there, I decided to squeeze in a run. I was able to do 3.5  hot, sunny, miles. We stayed up there for about an hour. I enjoyed the AC and the boys played some basketball.

After that we headed down to go see Kenny Cheseny. I was looking forward to the concert, but not the venue. Last year we were spoiled with seeing Kenny perform at Paul Brown Stadium (where the Bengals play), and this year he went back to Riverbend. Riverbend has a lawn and a pavilion. We bought lawn tickets, which were cheaper, but I won’t buy those again. It was hard to see Kenny and that’s where all the intoxicated people hung out. We still had a great time though!


Saturday, after sleeping in a little bit, we went to go watch my nephew’s baseball game. He was playing at a park that was about 5 miles away so I decided to ride my bike there. Andy drove so he could pick up lunch, which ended up being a good things because after the first inning a huge thunderstorm came rolling in. I was able to load my bike up in his car and didn’t get stuck riding home in the rain. The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house relaxing like our cats did. We did venture out to dinner at Friday’s and then went to play cards with friends.


I woke up early on Sunday ready to run. I wanted to get either 6 or 7 miles in before I had to meet my friend/co-coach to go over some dance team business. I finished 6 miles with about 5 minutes to spare before I had to meet her. We met up at Starbucks and got things done! I am looking forward to starting off another dance season  in just two short weeks!


Andy and I have this new “tradition” of eating Bruegger’s Bagels for lunch on Sundays. He loves their turkey sandwich, while I love their Blue Apple salad. We went down to go pick it up and found the streets were blocked. It turns out a bike race was going on that we didn’t know about it. We parked a few blocks over and decided to check it out. There were a couple food trucks there which I’ve wanted to try. I had a grilled cheese from one place and a homemade ice cream from another. Both were really good!



We watched the bike race for about a half hour. I was impressed! I had never seen a bike race before so I had no idea how fast they went! It made me think of all my blogger friends that are getting into tri’s now!


The weekend ended with this beautiful sunset. The picture doesn’t look as good as it did in person! Busy weekends always go by way too fast!


Did you do anything fun? Ever tried anything from a food truck?

Summer Running

It never is easy getting out of bed early to go run. I have had a few times where I just wanted to sleep in a little bit longer. But once I get out the door I NEVER regret that run, especially on those super hot summer days. The world is still quiet at sunrise. There are fewer cars on the street, more birds chirping, the air is crisper, and I feel like I get a head start on the day. It’s good for the soul.


During my run this morning


 Currently, I am not training for any race. I am just trying to keep my endurance. Since the marathon I have been stuck at 5 miles. That is all my legs could give. During my run on Monday I was feeling really good despite the heat and humidity. I had the energy to push to 6 miles.



That sparked some new life to my legs! I am ready to start increasing my runs again. I am thinking of running a fall marathon. If I do decided to commit to the race that means training will being in July. I am hesitant because my past two marathons haven’t gone as planned. The training wasn’t the problem, it was the actual race. People who have trained know the time commitment it takes to prepare for a marathon. I just don’t want to go through what I went through last time again. I have heard that training for a fall race is much different than a spring race. It is much easier to go from hot to cold rather than the opposite. Even though I have the fear of cramping for the third time, I am curious to know if a fall race, that is flat, will be better for me. They do say the third time is a charm right?! I want that sub-four hour race. I know I have it in me.

So, that is where I am at with running right now. I have been enjoying the ‘run when I feel up for it’ plan. I want to do some small, local races this summer. I found a really cheap 5k (& 10k-I haven’t decided which I want to run yet) that is on the 4th of July that looks fun. I am still looking for a half to run as well.

Anyone else thinking of a fall marathon?

Strawberries & Jam

One of my favorite summer activities is picking strawberries. Andy & I went a few years ago, but the crop hasn’t been that great until this year. I signed up for email updates from my favorite farm and when I read that this year we’d have berries to pick I was thrilled!

This year my brother and his family were able to come pick strawberries too!

Logan, my nephew, really enjoyed finding the biggest strawberry.  I was impressed with how many berries we had to pick from.


The price for the pick your own berries was very reasonable too. It was only $1.99/pound. The last time we made jam we picked about 6lbs of berries. We ran out of jam in just a few short months so we knew we needed to pick more this time around.


Between all of us we picked 22 lbs of strawberries! After we left the farm we went back to my house to start the jam making process. I didn’t estimate the right amount  of sugar or pectin (which is what makes the jam well jam!). My  mom ended up being the last one in the driveway which meant she had to run out to the store multiple times to get those things! {thanks mom!}.



Lauren brought over her Kitchen-Aid which was good thinking! Last time I mashed the strawberries by hand and it took forever. The mixers made it ten times easier and faster! We had our own little assembly line set up. Lauren was the washer, Logan pulled the steams, Andy and I stirred the berries, and we all put the jam into the jars.

After a couple hours, and a pizza dinner break, we were finally done!  We ended up with about 50 jars! We split them between all of us, and we’ve also had a few friends request some of the jars! I am already on my second jar! I add a little bit of the jam to my waffles for breakfast. I’ve been eating a few more PB&J sandwiches now that I have the good  jelly!


My  fingers are crossed that we will have a good crop next year and we can do this all over again! Now I really want to make other kinds of jam like raspberry and blueberry. It’s so easy and fun!

Anyone else make their own jam? What kinds of jam do you like?