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Summer Drinks

Last week my blogger friend Meghan posted about her Sonic Cherry Limeade dupe and that got me thinking about my favorite summer drinks. I have been soda/pop/coke free for two and a half years which means I drink either tea or water, both of which can get pretty boring. Like the rest of the country, it has been pretty hot around here. On those hot days I crave a nice ice cold drink in the afternoon. I look for something refreshing with a good flavor. While doing my weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s I picked up a new tea to try, pomegranate white tea. I thought hot or cold it sounded good!

When I came home I saw that I had leftover lemonade in my fridge that my mom had left in our cooler from the lake. All that was left was about a half cup, perfect to mix it with my tea. I brewed two tea bags since I was turning it into an iced drink. I put the tea and the little bit of lemonade in a shaker along with some ice. I gave it a good shake and poured it into a cup. And just like that I had a refreshing iced tea!

Then there is the other drink, water. Lets face it, water can be pretty boring. For a while I was on a kick of drinking water with lemons and limes in it. Very tasty but after a week of doing this my mouth hated me-too much citrus! I decided to switch it up and put some cucumbers in my water. THIS just may be my favorite natural flavored water. The flavor is just a hint of cucumber and is very refreshing. Besides being healthier than flavored water it is also cheaper-I paid less than $1 for the cucumber and the water came from my faucet!

Lastly, the third drink I have been loving this summer is Tazo’s iced passion tea. I picked up a box at Target a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it since! It is very easy to make and would be great with lemonade too (just like Starbucks!)

What healthy drinks do you enjoy on a summer afternoon?

Easy Iced Coffee

The heat index here for the past few days has been well over 100*. HOT! The last thing I want to do is drink a hot coffee or latte. I remembered I had these Starbucks Iced Via’s in my pantry and I decided to give them a go. The packets are actually 2 servings (16oz) which is a bit much for me so I split them in half. The instructions say to use water, but I like my coffee more creamy so I swapped out the water for milk. I also added a bit of caramel syrup to give it some flavor but it tastes good on its own.

I put in 7 oz of fat free milk, half a pack of iced via, and a splash of caramel in a shaker with ice and mix it all up. Pour it into a cup and voila, easy (& cheap!) iced coffee.  A 8oz cup works out to be about 130 calories (50 for the via and 80 for the milk, to save calories use more water/less milk). It’s a perfect afternoon treat!

Starbucks sells the Via’s for $5.95  for 5 packets so it works out to be a little over $0.50 for a cup (if you use milk and syrup).

I saw when I was in Starbucks (I may have a slight obsession!) I saw that today they are coming out with Caramel Iced Via’s. I will for sure be buying these to save myself one step :)