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Run for the Poor 5k


This past Saturday I ran in my sixth 5k race. I decided at the last minute to run this race. When I was working at the school, the teacher I worked with told me she was going to run this race as her first 5k. I had told her then that maybe I’d run too. I wanted to see how I felt after the Pig before I committed.

I had almost forgotten about the race until I saw she posted on Facebook that she registered. I looked at the weather forecast and it was perfect. I told her on Friday that I would see her at the race in the morning!

I got to the race early since I had to register. This was the first time I signed up for the race the day of.  It was fun to be around people who were running their first race. It’s hard to believe that was me just three short years ago!

I went into the race with a goal of setting a new PR. Andy had predicted my finish time of 22:30. I was shooting for anything under 23:00.

The gun went off and I broke my first rule. I got caught up in the excitement during the first mile. I ran a 7:06. I knew that was too fast so I backed off for the second mile. The course took us through a park that went into the woods and around a lake. I hit the second mile at a 7:17 pace. It was after that mile that I could feel the humidity. I couldn’t see the first place female anymore but I made sure to keep the second in my eye sight.  I really wanted that third place finish! I hit mile 3 at a 7:20 pace. As I rounded the corner a spectator had told me I was the third female. I quickly asked him if anyone was behind me to which he said ‘nope, it’s all yours’. I’m pretty sure I crossed that finish line with a huge smile on my face.


Top & skirt from Lululemon


New PR by :30!  The Pig didn’t go as planned so setting a new personal record gave me the boost I needed.

Check out my age group award. As a coffee addict, I truly am excited to drink my cup o’ joe from this mug!


I was impressed with this race even though it was small. First Watch supplied fruit cups and muffins post race. I was also happy to see full bottles of Gatorade and water to grab. They also had over 50 door prizes. This summer I plan on running a few more small races. I forgot they can be just as fun as the larger races. I already have my eyes on a Fourth of July race!

Anyone else run this weekend? Do you enjoy small, local races?

Commitment Day 5k Cincinnati

Happy New Year!

About a month ago I posted about the Commitment Day race. When I first heard about it I fell in love with the concept, 30 cities with thousands of people all with the same goal-starting 2013 off in a healthy way. I knew I had to get involved on this nationwide movement.


I made the commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle and run marathon #2. I want to be a positive influence for people who wish to do the same. I loved seeing my Twitter feed with everyone’s commitments yesterday. It was fun to “run” with other bloggers who weren’t in my city. I enjoyed seeing all the Instagram photos with the my commitment hashtag.

I inspired a friend to run the race as well. Alisha and I have been friends for a long time. She is actually my co-coach for the dance team so she hears all about my running adventures. She asked what I was doing New Years day and she said she wanted to run. I told her about the race and she signed up!

When we arrived at Newport on the Levee  we saw all the Commitment Day signs. There was a big banner for us to write our commitment on. It was interesting to read what other people were committing to. I saw a “run a marathon under 2:55 (wow!)”, a child wrote “run for 5 minutes”, and numerous ”stay healthy” commitments.




Alisha and I headed over to the photo spot to get our before shot together.


 We had a half hour to waste before the race started so we found a spot to stretch and chat.

We heard the announcement that the race was beginning in 5 minutes and we headed outside. It was a fairly small race , maybe 200 people , so we got up pretty close to the starting line.


The first mile was mostly over a bridge. Since this race was an out and back I knew I had to save some energy to come back to that awful bridge.

I loved how they had timers for us at every mile, even though I wore my Garmin.  I was up towards the front of the pack and when we did the turn around I counted the number of females ahead of me. I saw the first two females and I was within arms distance of the third female.

Now, I know this race is all about coming together and committing to a healthier life in 2013, but I may be just a tad bit competitive. I kept thinking how awesome would it be to be in the top 3 females!

Right before mile 2 I passed the third place female. That is when I kicked it into gear and knew I had to push myself the last mile.

Like I said, I still had to head back over that bridge. It wasn’t easy but I kept telling myself less than a mile was all I had left.

As soon as I saw that orange finish line I knew I had it.

I finished the race at 23:01, a new PR, and as the third female to cross. I am so proud of my achievement.


I got my water and snacks and headed back to see Alisha cross the finish line. This was her first race in the cold, she rocked it!


We went back inside to get our swag and get our after the race photos!




I loved everything about this race. It was well organized, easy to register for, and I always got a quick response whenever I had a question. Plus, the tee shirt is one of my favorites from a run! I hope to see this race back in Cincinnati for 2014. I could easily see this becoming a New Year’s Day tradition.

What commitments have you made for 2013?

Photos were from the Commitment Day Facebook page.

*in exchange for promoting the race I was given a free entry to the race. I planned on running this race anyway so that was just an added incentive  :) 

Nashville: Cupcakes & a PR

It was that time again to go visit my college friend down in Nashville along with my other college friend, Meagan. This year we had a different plan. Normally we go to one night of the CMA Fest but we didn’t get to make it there this year. We kept the weekend low key, which meant we all had a chance to catch up. We shared laughs, drinks, and cupcakes! Being the cupcake queen that I am I had to make sure to stop at a cupcake shop while we were in town. Heather knew of two great places. Our first stop was The Cupcake Collection.

The story of this cupcake shop is awesome. They sell the cupcakes (for$1.50!-great price!) out of their home. They had nothing, and starting selling cupcakes to survive. It’s a very inspiring story! Once we got to the shop we found out they were sold out :( The guys working said they actually had one left but it wasn’t pretty and since I came all the way from Cincinnati they would give it to me for free.  Talk about great customer service! Lucky for me it was a strawberry cupcake, which is one of my favorite flavors! I love how they made them with fresh strawberries inside. They were very moist and full of flavor. It was the perfect icing to cupcake ratio too!

We then headed off to dinner at Chuy’s. I have heard of this place from southern bloggers and I’ve only heard great things. This place did not disappoint. I just wish they would come up north a little bit, or maybe not-I would be wanting to go all the time!

Then it was time to check out the second cupcake shop of the trip, which just so happened to be right across the street.

Gigi’s cupcakes was all about the icing!  Meagan got the chocolate raspberry frappe, I enjoyed the chocolate salted caramel, and Heather treated herself to the midnight magic. We ate off these cupcakes all weekend! They were very rich and full of flavor. They were a little steep at $3.25 a piece but it was the right price for the portion.

The next day we headed out to the Hell or High Water 5k race. I wanted to run while on this trip and I found this race. Two years ago Nashville was affected from a flood that left a large portion of the city underwater. This race was set up afterwards to raise money for the victims. This was only the second year for the race so it was rather small (173 people ran the 5k). I was ready to PR-until the week of the race and my IT band decided to hate me. I babied it all week with RICE { Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation} and thought maybe I could run. I talked to my athletic trainer friend who told me how to wrap up my leg to help with the pain. Turns out what I did was perfect because I ran and I PR’d.

First in my age group, 5th female to finish, and 25th overall. I was thrilled! I PR’d by over 2 minutes.  They were having technical difficulties so I have to wait for my medal to be mailed to me (top 3 in AG received awards)

We spent the rest of our Saturday afternoon at the mall for some shopping and then the pool for some sunshine. We headed out to dinner at another local favorite of Heather’s, Mafiaoza’s. I had to celebrate the PR with a beer. I went with a SweetWater 420 pale ale.

It went perfect with our bruschetta:

I really liked how you can order one slice of pizza with any toppings that you wish. I went with green peppers and pineapple:

We then were off to Centennial Park to watch the dancers and listen to the big bands. We finished the trip off with a stop at Jeni’s. I loved this place! I tasted a few of the ice cream flavors but settled on lemon & blueberry and plum sake. Delicious!

It was fun to get away and try some new places. Thanks again to Heather for having us visit!

>My Super Awesome Weekend


My weekend started out on a great note. Remember the two part test I took, part one in April 09 and part two this past August?? Well I receive an email Friday afternoon (I had Andy stalking my email since I didn’t have access) and I got word that I passed!! I am now a Nationally Certified Interpreter!! It was a longgg 7 week wait but it was worth it in the end. It feels great to have achieved this goal I wanted so badly! 
The rest of my weekend followed suit. Saturday night we went to my good friends Heather and Erick’s wedding reception. 
They had a destination wedding over the summer in the Dominican Republic. 
It’s hard to believe two years ago we took this same picture but I was the one in white! 
College friends. I love these two girls and am so thankful I can call them my friends. 
The next morning I ran a 5k with my other good friends, Cassie and Alisha. It was Cassie’s birthday and her first race! I was so happy to be apart of this race. See, Cassie is a care taker for a sweet girl with autism. I love running, but running for a reason makes it that much more special. I am already looking forward to the next race that we run together. 
Here is our before picture, and yes I wear the same pink shirt for my races. I mean I have to match head to toe =)
Getting ready at the starting line
running in! 
My best time yet! 
Alisha finishing! 
And Cassie too! 
Our after picture. I don’t think it looks too bad after running 3.1 miles!
I came in at 24:54. I was 2nd in my age group, 11th female, and 33rd overall. I’ll take it! I think I did so well because I had Andy there supporting me! Thank you Andy!
To finish the weekend off the Bengals won too! WHO DEY!

>CMA Fest 2010


I’ve been a slacker! Two weekends ago I went down to Nashville, TN to visit a friend and join in on some CMA Fest fun. As always, Heather was a great host. She and her soon to be husband really knew how to make us feel at home. We had some great home cooked meals and homemade cocktails! We even went for a much need massage. It was a super relaxing weekend.
Friday night we went down to LP field to listen to some country! We went to see Julianne Hough, Reba, Josh Turner, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, and Kid Rock! It was a blast!
It was very hot, but that didn’t stop me from wearing my boots!
Saturday we ran in the CMA Road Race 5k. This was my 3rd race and their first. It was a super hot day, I’m talking 100*!!
Here we are before the race:
Looking a little sleepy from the concert the night before
Finishing the race strong
Heather and Meagan coming in!
We did it!
At first I was a little disappointed in myself, I had to walk for a short time :(
But I did come in at #140 out of 800 (40th woman to finish!) and #10 in my age group. After seeing my results I was happy.
My time was 26:30
Heather and Meagan came in at 49:20-I am so happy they did this with me!
On Sunday, we went down to the Nashville Farmers Market.
Oh my goodness, there were so many wonderful things there!
I came home with some  pole beans, potatoes, and peaches. I love buying from farmers market’s. It’s so nice to talk to the people who grow the food.
That was my weekend! It is so nice to get away with girlfriends.
Next time I’ll see Heather is this weekend at her bachelorette party and bridal shower here in Cincy-can’t wait!