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21week update + the big reveal

Well I’m officially over the half way mark! It’s all down hill from here! This past week was very exciting!  We finally an our first ultrasound on Friday and we had a small gender reveal party on Saturday.  I’ll have a whole post about thr party, it was fun to plan!


Weight gain: I’m up 7 pounds.

Workouts: This was a great week for workouts! I got two circuit training sessions in as well as two runs. I had to run 5 miles inside on Wednesday but our pace of 9:05 made up for that! Sunday my brother and I ran 10 miles and I felt great! I never had to walk which was totally different than last week’s 10 miler!

Symptoms: I’m feeling a little bit of heartburn. When I do I eat a spoonful of ice cream and that seems to help!

Movement: He loves to kick! On the ultrasound he was moving like crazy! It was so fun to watch his feet move all around!

Food Aversions/Cravings: A juicy orange hits the spot, and so have plain bagels and plain cream cheese! Grilled /baked chicken continues to gross me out.

Sleep: Still sleeping good. A pillow between my legs is the best way for me to be comfortable.

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: We found out that it’s a boy! Both Andy & I thought girl so we were shocked (in a good way)! I’m so happy to have a son! My nephew just might be the most excited:) Of course after I found out I had to pick him up an outfit!


Looking forward to: So many things! Figuring out how to decorate his room, and finding a name for him! I also got the ok from my doctor to run the Pig half so I signed up! I’m having Andy design a shirt for me! (Any suggestions???)

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I am pretty much happy all the time.

Workouts & 20 week update

Today is a Cincinnati holiday, it’s the Reds Opening Day! This means spring is here and I couldn’t be more happy about that!  Unfortunately we won’t be heading to the game today but I’m looking forward to catching a game soon!

Last week I had a great week of workouts! I went to sports conditioning & circuit training at the gym, ran 5 miles on Thursday then 10 miles on Sunday (more on that below), and even went to a new prenatal yoga class. I was pleased when I looked at my Daily Mile chart :)

I cannot believe I am 20 weeks today, aka halfway done! I definitely popped last week. I could feel everything stretching! 


Weight gained: I’m up 3 pounds (@16 weeks). I don’t have a scale at home so I won’t know any more until my 20 week appointment, which is Friday!

Workouts: As I mentioned before it was a great week.  My 10 miler yesterday went well! I ran a 5 mile loop track that was perfect, there was a restroom! At mile 4 another runner chatted with me. He was training for Boston which will be his 104th marathon!  Unbelievable! I made a pit stop halfway through and ate a snack. Eating during a run is different during pregnancy for me, I cramp much easier.  The second half of the run I took it easy. I walked a few times but overall felt great! I feel fortunate that I can still run. Running is a passion and a time to clear my head. I hope I can continue for a while!


Symptoms: My lower back was tight, which is why I went to yoga (which was awesome! ). I’ve also been feeling some round ligament pain but those have subsided.

Movement: This baby loves to kick in the morning!  I also feel kicks in the evening.  The weird part is when it feels like a flip!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Oranges!  The juicier the better! Also bbq anything tastes really good! Only adversion is plain baked chicken.

Sleep: Most nights I sleep just fine.  Last night I woke up at 330 to go to the restroom and couldn’t fall back asleep.  Then at 4 I was super hungry so I ate a snack. I finally fell back asleep around 5 :/

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: We bought a crib! Andy is anxious to set it up!

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I am pretty much happy all the time.

Looking forward to: Ultrasound this Friday! We will find out the gender at our little reveal get together this Saturday!

A Much Needed Update

:blows dust off this blog:

I’m back!  I took a long hitaus due to writers block, busy schedule, & fatigue.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen my recent announcement. ..


We’re having a baby!

We found out in early December and we are due August 18. The first trimester I was most nauseous but never got sick. The only aversion I had was coffee which was tough because I was tired all day. We got to hear the heartbeat at our first appointment which was at 8 weeks. It was such a beautiful sound! I continued to workout and run when I felt like I had enough energy.

Once I hit the second trimester I felt much better! I wasn’t nauseous anymore and my energy was back! Running is feeling better every week (my 8 miler yesterday was awesome! ) and I feel good after a workout. My pants don’t button anymore and I’ve been living in leggings and dresses. Over the weekend I bought a Belly Band so I can wear my normal pants again, which I’m happy about!

I’m 17 weeks today. Time feels like it’s flying by! I’m going to start doing weekly updates every Monday.

Weight gained: At my 16 week appointment last week I am up 3 pounds.

Workouts: running 2-3 days a week and am cross training 2 days a week.

Symptoms: constant bathroom trips is really the only one I can think of!

Movement: I’m starting to feel those flutters and I’m loving it! I can really feel the baby when I’m lying down or sitting still.

Food Aversions/Cravings: No real adversions. Now cravings is a different story! I love lemonade and drink my little Trader Joe’s juice box every night with dinner. Also, if I see something one TV that looks good I want it, like the Pop Tarts I bought a few weeks ago. Lucky Charms is another but I have caved to that one…yet!

Sleep: I get about 8-10 hours a night so I can’t complain.

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: People noticing my tiny bump!

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I am pretty much happy all the time.

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in about 3 weeks! I’m ready to start the nursery!

I have so much more to blog about like my personal training business I’m starting up, training for the Flying Pig half with my brother, a couple DIY projects I’ve done and more! Hopefully I still have some readers out there!

Marathon Tips

Let me start off saying that this is what worked for me. It may work for others or it may not. I know when I was training I Googled just about everything I was doing to see if it helped other runners. 

When I signed up for a fall marathon I had a goal, run under 4 hours. It was no secret I was trying to do that both times I ran the Pig. After finishing well over 4 hours both times I knew I needed a flat race to achieve my goal. I feel like I am a decent hill runner, which is totally a thing, but come the end of the race my legs were toast.

Once I finished the IMM at 3:54 I knew I did some different things this training cycle that were beneficial. I wanted to share them to help other people.


* Train slower. During the training for my first two marathons I would run with the 3:45 group. Most of the time we would run out long runs faster than MP (marathon pace). I’m fairly sure this lead to fatigue before the race.

*Train alone. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy but I gained a lot of mental toughness. I learned to stick it out when that voice was telling me to quit. I was running this race alone so training alone made sense.

*Get a sports massage. My biggest fear was having my calf muscles cramp up on me for the third time. I found a great masseuse who specializes in athletes and runners. He did more of a stretching type massage. Not only did it help my muscles, it also calmed my pre-race anxiety. I got a massage 5 days before the race. I made sure to drink plenty of water and ran before the race.

*Take a couple hot yoga classes. It was nice to stretch out those muscles. I was going 2-3 times a week the month leading up to the race. I really love the benefits of yoga.


*Carry your own water.  This was probably the smartest thing I did for this race. I didn’t have to wait for a water stop to take my GU. I was taking one every 45 minutes. I never hit the wall and I credit that to being well hydrated and fueled. I picked up a FuelBelt handheld water bottle from TJ Maxx for $5. I had an old FuelBelt hydration belt that came with 4 water bottles that fit the handheld pouch. I filled them up and had Andy keep them for me. I would swap the bottles out when I saw him. It was great! Also, I filled the bottles with Smart Water so I had plenty of electrolytes.

I also want to add that going into this race with a clear mind helped me. I had that time goal in the back of my head but I wasn’t focusing on it. I wanted to run smart, and that meant running the whole thing without wanting to give up.


What tips can you share that helped you in a race?

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon {recap}

This past weekend I ran my third marathon. Back in May, when the Pig didn’t go as planned, I had dreams of running a fall marathon. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to train right after completing a spring marathon. As I posted before it was hard, but so worth it! I wanted a flat course and from what I had heard the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was just that.  Plus, fall weather is better than spring weather. It is much easier to go from hot to cold temps.  On to the recap! It’s a good one ;)

I worked a half day on Friday and it seemed to be the longest day. I was eager to head up to Indy! I was fortunate to have my “fan club” tag along-Andy, my mom, and my mother in law all made the trip up to support me. We got up to Indianapolis and went straight to the expo. I will say it was on the small side, but I think I am spoiled with the Flying Pig expo which is sponsored by P&G so it’s huge.  After picking up my bib, shirt, and an extra Gu we headed up to the hotel. I waited too long to book a room so everything downtown was sold out. We stayed at a Marriott that was about 7 miles away. After debating about what to eat for dinner we settled on Bob Evans, fancy right? I ordered blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon.  It’s a great pre-race dinner! We headed back to the hotel and by 9:30 I was passed out. I tossed and turned all night but probably got a good 6 hours of sleep.

At 7:15 Andy & I left to head to the starting line. He told me his goal was to hit up 3 spots on the course. After a quick goodbye I left him to go line up. I was playing it smart and decided to start this race slow. I found the 4:00 pace group and started the race with them. Being the talkative person I am I found someone to chat with for the first few miles. At 8 am the gun went off and the race started. I took the advice of a fellow runner, run the first 10 miles with my head, the next 10 with my legs, and the last 6 with my heart.

Mile 1-8:42. Whoops! I started off too fast. I blame the adrenaline rush that comes with starting any race!  The 4:00 group was ahead of me.

Mile 2- 9:10. I blame the water stops for this. One of the only negatives about this race was how poorly posted the water stops were. They just popped up and everyone rushed to the sides. Also, some of the streets were narrow so it got crammed. I’ve never seen so many people fall during a race. Thankfully that didn’t happen to me.

Mile 3-8:37. A little faster, course spread out a little bit. I was still chatting with other runners.

Mile 4- 8:50. Working into my groove.  Feeling good!

Mile 5-9:10. Grabbed a Gatorade, water stops were getting better.

Mile 6-8:57. Ate my first Gu. My plan was to take one every 45 minutes. I carried a water (Smartwater for the electrolytes) so I didn’t have to wait for water stops. One of the best decisions I made!

Mile 7-9:06. Lost my running partner during this mile. She stopped for water and never caught up. I was finally caught up with the pace group again.  Also, this was the half split. I love when runner cheer each other on!

Mile 8-8:58. Feeling strong! Saw a friend on the course who was there cheering people on!

Mile 9-9:04. Still cruising along and feeling good!

Mile 10-8:59. Time for another Gu. I took the rest of my water because I knew my fan club was up ahead so I could swap water bottles.

–I ran the first ten with my head. Now it was time to kick it up and start running with my legs. –

Mile 11-8:54. This was the mile I saw my family. Andy asked how I was doing and I replied great! This is when I started to pull ahead of the pace group.  And, leave it to my mom to tell strangers my name. I had a nice big crowd yelling my name. It was a nice boost!

mile 9

So many things to love about this photo.

Mile 12-8:48. I think I took another Gu here. I was really good with taking them every 45 minutes and I wasn’t paying attention to which mile.  We ran through some gorgeous neighborhoods. That photo above just shows a tiny snip-it of the beautiful course!

Mile 13-8:46. There was a blow up arch we ran under marking the halfway point. I also knew another text was getting sent out to everyone following me. I smiled knowing people would see how good I was doing!

Mile 14-8:54. Took another sip of Gatorade. I started grabbing one every other water stop.

Mile 15-8:51. Still happy & feeling good!

Mile 16-8:57. Had to smile, this was the mile that killed me in the last marathon. Not this time!

Mile 17-8:43. Ran by Butler. This is a beautiful college town! Great crowd support here too!

Mile 18-8:46. Ran over another timing mat and smiled again. I knew I was doing good!

Mile 19-8:44. I told myself I just had a 7 mile run left. That’s my normal weekday run! Ran by the art museum and saw the LOVE monument. Also ate some sports beans to give me a little boost.

Mile 20-8:47. Saw my family again! Another water bottle switch. Andy, again, asked how I was feeling and I told them still great! It was true. I was rocking it. Only thing to complain about was the rough road. My feet were already hurting and that didn’t help!


Mile 20 and still smiling!

– Now it was time to run with my heart.–

Mile 21 8:49. I was running by people who had hit the dreaded wall. I motivated as many people as I could!

Mile 22-8:56. I couldn’t believe I was still running and feeling good! Took my last Gu to get me to the end.

Mile 23-8:49. This is when I realized I wasn’t going to hit the wall. I could make it just 3 more miles!

Mile 24-8:50. Really wishing I had sunglasses! The sun was in full force.

Mile 25-9:02 Hit some head wind once we turned into the city.  Saw my family at mile 25.5. Andy told me to pick it up and I said “I’m going to come in under 4″. The tears were forming already!


pure joy!

Mile 26- 8:33. My fastest mile. I felt awesome!

Last .2- I crossed that finish line with tears coming down my face. Most people probably thought I was hurting. I was THRILLED!

Finish- 3:54!



I couldn’t have asked for a better day- I achieved all three goals,  didn’t cramp (huge for me!), never walked, and ran negative splits! I have been after that sub-4 for a while now and it feels so good! I now have a new PR, which crushed my old one by 24 minutes!


I would run this race again. The crowd was supportive, the course was beautiful and the organizers really did an excellent job! If anyone wants a flat, fast course Indy is your place! Plus, the swag and medal were pretty cool!


Thanks to everyone who cheered me on from afar! I took all that positive energy and brought it to the course with me.  I also have to thank my family for making the trip with me. Their support is what got me to the finish feeling strong!


I am still on cloud nine! I did what I set out to do and it feels fantastic. I’m not sure when or where my next full marathon will be, but I know I’m not done yet!