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Wasting the afternoons

 Spring has sprung here in Cincy! This past weekend we pulled the porch furniture out of storage, gave it a good wash, and set everything back up. 



Every day since then I have been trying to spend as much time as I can outside. Our street is relatively quiet. All the neighborhood kids have been out riding their scooters in the street, drawling with chalk, and doing fun kid things. It’s nice to see the neighbors again after being cooped up inside for the winter. The sunshine makes the neighborhood alive again! 


I haven’t been the only one enjoying the porch. Our cats love porch days! They are really good about staying on the porch. Between cat naps they just watch for birds.  


Building this porch is still my favorite DIY project we’ve done. I’m so happy porch season is back! I’m looking forward to wasting more days out there reading, napping, chatting, and watching the world go by!

Where do you love wasting your afternoons?

Spa Bathroom

Since we have been living in our house for the past five years our bathroom has been 4 different colors. We like to change things up, that or we get bored fast :) .

When we moved in it was a neutral tan color. While I liked the color the paint was terrible so it was only a matter of time before we painted it.  For whatever reason we picked a chocolate brown. Looking back, it was a terrible color! {My cat was so skinny-he definitely has put on a few pounds since 2008!}

It wasn’t long until we painted the room again. This time we went with a light blue. It looked much more bright and open. I also found the perfect shower curtain that I am still in love with. We used the shower curtain for the color inspiration for this time around.

Andy did some website work for someone in trade for some tile {it was a tile website}. Our bathroom really didn’t need to be updated but getting this tile changed that. So, my Handy Andy was at it again and set up a plan. My only request was whatever color we went with it had to match the shower curtain.

Pretty soon the tile was up, the vanity was out, the door was off the hinges and the process of switching the light switch was happening.


 In about 3 weekends the bathroom was complete. I am in LOVE with how it turned out. The board and batten really makes the room. We actually painted twice. The first color was way too teal. We lived with it for a couple days and our thoughts didn’t change. So, back to Lowe’s we went and we found the perfect blue/green. It is Night Scape from Valspar.


{the color looks a little more green here}


This shows the color a little better. We actually painted our old mirror white and flipped it. The light fixture is new. I like the square better than what we had before.


We also got a new vanity, sink {which you can see in the photo above this one} and toilet.


The new bath mat came from IKEA. Can’t beat it for $13!


The tile that started it all. I love the textured look of it.


Instead of a towel bar we went with hooks. I wanted something more simple and I think these achieve that!


We flipped the door to have more space. Since we did that we also had to move the switch. Flipping the switch was an easy process. I like how it blends right in with the white. The board and batten was a great idea!

I am saying it now, we will not be changing the bathroom again! Andy did a great job, my bathroom feels like a spa. Now that this room is done I’m sure he will come up with a new project!

Have you repainted a room multiple times? Have any good organizing ideas for the bathroom? We do not have a linen closet so we are brainstorming ideas!

Pop of Color

One of the first few things I pinned on Pinterest were colored dressers in grey rooms. I loved the contrast between the room color and the pop the dresser brought in.



Last summer, Glidden had a great deal going on where you got a free quart of any color. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with our free quart. I ordered Caribbean Sea  and sort of forgot about the project. That was until this week when we had stormy weather. It was the perfect time to drag everything to the basement and get to work.  I had to bust out the orbital sander to sand this baby down:

I had to sand off all of Andy’s hard work from when he re-stained this circa 2006 Craig’s List number. It looked good in his old bedroom but the stain didn’t match any of the other dark wood we have in the room.

After two coats of paint I was left with a new, beautiful, & bright dresser!

I thought I could get away with not painting the sides but as you can see I need to go back and fix that. I am in LOVE with how it turned out.

I am on the search for new knobs, I’m thinking glass would look best. I also and looking for new bedding to go with the color scheme I am going for. Now I’m ready for the next project, which of course was another Pinterest find:


or this


What Pinterest pins have inspired you to be creative?

Porch Update 2.0

Have you all been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering how our porch is coming along?… No one, well I’m going to fill you in away.

This last time the porch was show in the blog we weren’t even under roof yet. Well I’m happy to say there is indeed a roof now! For a while it was a giant pergola :

After another 6 hour long trip to Menards (ask Andy how much I love his weekly Menards trips) he got everything to actually put a top on the pergola roof. We were going back and fourth on shingles vs steel and decided the steel roof would look much better. That will be put on this weekend so you’ll have to wait to see how that looks.

They also wrapped the columns to make them look prettier. Oh, and how about those fancy green Adirondack chairs?! Yea, I really need to find some furniture!

We finally decided on a railing and put one up last night. This is the view our new (hopefully young, hip, cool) neighbors will see, whenever someone decides to buy the house next door.

So that’s where we stand as of today. This weekend will be the steel roof, and the rest of the railing. It’s coming along quickly, even if Handy Andy doesn’t feel like it is. I’m so grateful for all the help we’ve had so far!

Oh, and I’m blogging live from the porch, it may not be finished but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it!

Porch Update

Remember that front porch we are building? Well, it sure is coming along! The guys got all of the floor boards down. We still need steps and a roof but so far it is looking good!

The view from the front door.

The front of the house.

The other night A & I sat out there and took it all in. I can not wait to have more nights out there just chatting about life. I was telling him how it was growing up on my street. We had a neighbor with a big porch and everyone would gather at their house and just chat. I hope that our porch will bring neighbors together too.

Since I have been getting more freelance jobs (!!!) we are going to have extra cash coming in. We are going to put the money towards nice furniture to put on the new porch. Here are some of the ideas I am leaning towards.



Crate & Barrel-$165


Amazon-currently unavailable


Any suggestions of other store to check out?