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Allie Lately

Life, lately, for me has me busy. After work, studying, coaching, and running I don’t feel like I have time for much of anything else. I am not complaining through, I am loving every moment of life right now! My life lately has included the following:

Sports. On Thursday nights Andy plays softball. I love going to his games for two reasons- watching him and catching up with all the girls. This was the sunset we were able to see last week.


Family meals. After my long run Saturday I saw a text from my brother that had a picture of his kitchen set up for breakfast. I took him up on his invitation and joined them for french toast.
Then on Sunday, I had my family over for dinner. We grilled out then played a game of bocce. I would like every Sunday to end that way. I’m fortune to live just a couple minutes away from my mom and my brother’s family!


Time with friends. A few weekends ago we four seperate parties for friends. I love any excuse to get together!

wpid-20130720_090919Lots of running.So I haven’t made it official or talked about it much on here but I have decided to start training for a fall marathon! I was hesitant on committing because of the summer heat but so far things have been going well! It’s different this time around because I am training all alone (normally I’m with a group). I will post more about the race later!

Every free moment I get I have been using it to study for my CPT exam. The material is getting way more in depth. I am learning things I never thought I’d need to know. I still need to schedule my exam. I’m getting nervous and excited at the same time!

So that’s been my life lately! What’s been going on with you? Who has trained for a marathon by themselves? How do you pass the time on those long runs?

Life Lately + Things


Talk about a whirlwind of a week! I feel like I haven’t had a moment to let it all catch up until now. I started my new job last Tuesday, and I LOVE it! The schedule is taking me a little bit to adjust to (40 flex hours), but I’m starting to get the hang of it. On top of that, I got back into the gym last week and it felt good. During the last few weeks of marathon training I wasn’t going to as many fitness classes. I went to three classes last week and played soccer once. I’m enjoying my short break from running! 

I have read a few other blogs that shared 10 things that they love, or are excited about. I thought I’d join in the fun and do the same!


Work.I felt so welcomed at my new job. I knew most of the people since I was a freelancer before but they were very sweet to me on my first day. I was greeted with a sign on my desk and was treated to lunch at Dewey’s Pizza on my first day!




Best friends. I shared this picture on Instagram the other day and I’m sharing it here because I love it that much :) Two weekends ago we went out to dinner with family and friends for my birthday. I am so lucky that my best friend is also a part of my family. She is pretty awesome! 




Afternoon stops at Starbucks. I had a long 11 hour work day last week, so to push me through the evening I stopped for a mocha cookie frappucino. Yum!




Fall vacation. I don’t know where or when we are going but I do know we will be going on a trip this fall. It will be our 5 year wedding anniversary in September (where has time gone?!) so I think we should celebrate :)


Bachelorette Party. This past weekend I went to a party for one of Andy’s cousins who is getting married this weekend. We went downtown for dinner and drinks. It was a great time! We even ran into Drew Lachey (any 98º fans?!)




My husband. The past few weeks have been super busy for the both of us. Between work and sports we have been running around like crazy. I love our life though! I make sure to go to his softball games and he will come to my soccer games. 


New shoes. Do I really need to expand? 


Summer nights. Even though it’s really still spring, it has been feeling like summer. I love coming home and opening the window to let the warm breeze in. I love taking long walk with my mom and making a pitstop at my favorite ice cream shop! 



Working out. As I said before, I love being back at the gym! While running is something I love I always enjoy a tough class!


Long weekends. Even though it’s just Monday, I am looking forward to the three day weekend ahead!

What’s being going on lately with you? What are some things that make you happy?

A Girly Weekend

Andy spent this past weekend out in Colorado for a guys trip. Nothing about being up high, in the cold, on skis sounds fun to me. It’s a good thing his friends enjoy skiing as well so he can go on trips like this. I would much rather be in some place warm :) The mountains do look pretty though!


I, on the other hand, had a great weekend filled with friends and family.

Friday, after work I stopped at Red Box to pick up The Lucky One. After waking up at 4:15 to take Andy to the airport, all I wanted to do was have an easy night. I ordered dinner and watched the movie.  I read the book a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. The movie was a total chick flick. It was the perfect way to kick off my girly weekend!


Saturday, after my long run, Lauren and I met up for lunch before our spa day. From my race last weekend I received a couple buy one get one coupons from Chipotle. Since Andy doesn’t eat there I have to find friends to treat with my coupons :)


We booked a facial and a pedicure for our spa day. We went to the Aveda school, which I’m a huge fan of. I think the students do a great job and the prices are too good to pass up. After my run, getting a pedicure felt like heaven. If only I could get them every weekend! I’ll just have to treat myself to another one after the marathon :)

After getting some pampering, we were so close to the outlet mall that we just had to go. I had a gift card to J Crew that I used to pick up a bright skirt for the spring. I also had some luck at the Gap.


Polka dot skinnies!

We couldn’t stay too long because we had dinner plans with my cousin-in-law (that’s a thing right?!) Kristen. Her husband, who is Andy’s cousin, was out on the guys trip as well. We went to one of my favorite pizza places, Chi-nnati’s. It doesn’t get any better than Chicago style pizza in Cincinnati!


Sunday, I met a friend at a new yoga studio that was offering free classes all weekend.


I really enjoyed the class! The class had live music which was something I had never experienced before. It was pretty neat!

I met another friend for coffee after class. We enjoyed dirty chai lattes while catching up on each others lives. I need to make it a habit of meeting more friends for coffee, especially at a local shop!

I had one last planned event on my calendar, one I waited all weekend to do! I met my mom and aunt to see OZ in 3D. I had never watched a 3D movie before and it was awesome! I really enjoyed the movie and was surprised by it.


When I left  theater I saw this tweet on my phone:


I am beyond excited! I believe going to hot yoga in the fall is what helped with my half PR. I am looking forward to getting back into the hot room!

How was your weekend? If you saw OZ, what did you think of it? What is your favorite girly thing to do?

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Nashville: Cupcakes & a PR

It was that time again to go visit my college friend down in Nashville along with my other college friend, Meagan. This year we had a different plan. Normally we go to one night of the CMA Fest but we didn’t get to make it there this year. We kept the weekend low key, which meant we all had a chance to catch up. We shared laughs, drinks, and cupcakes! Being the cupcake queen that I am I had to make sure to stop at a cupcake shop while we were in town. Heather knew of two great places. Our first stop was The Cupcake Collection.

The story of this cupcake shop is awesome. They sell the cupcakes (for$1.50!-great price!) out of their home. They had nothing, and starting selling cupcakes to survive. It’s a very inspiring story! Once we got to the shop we found out they were sold out :( The guys working said they actually had one left but it wasn’t pretty and since I came all the way from Cincinnati they would give it to me for free.  Talk about great customer service! Lucky for me it was a strawberry cupcake, which is one of my favorite flavors! I love how they made them with fresh strawberries inside. They were very moist and full of flavor. It was the perfect icing to cupcake ratio too!

We then headed off to dinner at Chuy’s. I have heard of this place from southern bloggers and I’ve only heard great things. This place did not disappoint. I just wish they would come up north a little bit, or maybe not-I would be wanting to go all the time!

Then it was time to check out the second cupcake shop of the trip, which just so happened to be right across the street.

Gigi’s cupcakes was all about the icing!  Meagan got the chocolate raspberry frappe, I enjoyed the chocolate salted caramel, and Heather treated herself to the midnight magic. We ate off these cupcakes all weekend! They were very rich and full of flavor. They were a little steep at $3.25 a piece but it was the right price for the portion.

The next day we headed out to the Hell or High Water 5k race. I wanted to run while on this trip and I found this race. Two years ago Nashville was affected from a flood that left a large portion of the city underwater. This race was set up afterwards to raise money for the victims. This was only the second year for the race so it was rather small (173 people ran the 5k). I was ready to PR-until the week of the race and my IT band decided to hate me. I babied it all week with RICE { Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation} and thought maybe I could run. I talked to my athletic trainer friend who told me how to wrap up my leg to help with the pain. Turns out what I did was perfect because I ran and I PR’d.

First in my age group, 5th female to finish, and 25th overall. I was thrilled! I PR’d by over 2 minutes.  They were having technical difficulties so I have to wait for my medal to be mailed to me (top 3 in AG received awards)

We spent the rest of our Saturday afternoon at the mall for some shopping and then the pool for some sunshine. We headed out to dinner at another local favorite of Heather’s, Mafiaoza’s. I had to celebrate the PR with a beer. I went with a SweetWater 420 pale ale.

It went perfect with our bruschetta:

I really liked how you can order one slice of pizza with any toppings that you wish. I went with green peppers and pineapple:

We then were off to Centennial Park to watch the dancers and listen to the big bands. We finished the trip off with a stop at Jeni’s. I loved this place! I tasted a few of the ice cream flavors but settled on lemon & blueberry and plum sake. Delicious!

It was fun to get away and try some new places. Thanks again to Heather for having us visit!

Dancing the Night Away

Saturday night we went out for my friend Steph’s birthday. I was looking forward to a night of drinks (well, just one for this girl!), and dancing. What I wasn’t looking forward to was the heat. Note to self: next time it’s a hot July night-wear your hair up!

Me, Steph, and Lauren. Can you see my feather hiding?! (Post tomorrow!)

I must say I had the hottest dancer partner in the bar, & he even went home with me ;)

As you can see my hair looked really good when we first got to the bar. After dancing for a few hours, eh not so much, but I had a blast!