A busy weekend + 22 weeks update

Where did the weekend go?! I’ve know for months this would be a busy weekend because I signed up to volunteer for two different events Saturday& Sunday. 

Saturday,  I volunteered at an event called Cinderella’s Closet. It for girls who can afford a prom dress. I worked at this event a few years ago and was happy to finally get back there! It’s very rewarding to see a girl’s face light up when she finds the dress she looks beautiful in! I was done by 3:00 and I went home to get ready for my mom’s birthday grill out.

Sunday was another busy day of volunteering.  My work was hosting Deaf zoo day! I got to interpret a few different shows and even got to feed a giraffe! 


It was a gorgeous day here yesterday so I was happy to spend the day at the zoo! I finished at about 2 and stopped at Destination Maternity to find some new tops, since mine seem to be getting shorter! Andy & I spent the afternoon doing some yardwork and cleaning up the porch furniture.  I wanted to soak in all that sunshine while I could!

I didn’t get my long run in but I’m okay with that. I was exhausted! 

22 weeks:


Weight gain: I’m up 7 pounds.

Workouts: I made it to the gym twice, ran once, and walked around our hilly zoo yesterday. I’d say that was a good week!

Symptoms: Occasional heartburn.

Movement: He loves to kick! Actually while I’m writing this he is moving all around!  I saw my first outside kick!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Still loving fresh fruit! I’m on this new kick of plain bagels with Trader Joe’s organic whipped cream cheese, so good!  Grilled /baked chicken continues to gross me out.

Sleep: I’m getting sick of just sleeping on my right or left side. Every time I turn over I wake up.

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: My mom and Andy’s mom got to feel him kick over the weekend.  He also kicked for my best friend,  Lauren. He kicked so hard it made us both jump! It’s cool to share that experience with my family!

Looking forward to: figuring out his room and getting a start on the registry. We still want to walk through Buy Buy Baby to check out their selection.

Belly button: It’s still in but looks different.

Wedding rings: still on

Happy or moody? : I’m happy for the most part!
What’s your registry must haves?

21week update + the big reveal

Well I’m officially over the half way mark! It’s all down hill from here! This past week was very exciting!  We finally an our first ultrasound on Friday and we had a small gender reveal party on Saturday.  I’ll have a whole post about thr party, it was fun to plan!


Weight gain: I’m up 7 pounds.

Workouts: This was a great week for workouts! I got two circuit training sessions in as well as two runs. I had to run 5 miles inside on Wednesday but our pace of 9:05 made up for that! Sunday my brother and I ran 10 miles and I felt great! I never had to walk which was totally different than last week’s 10 miler!

Symptoms: I’m feeling a little bit of heartburn. When I do I eat a spoonful of ice cream and that seems to help!

Movement: He loves to kick! On the ultrasound he was moving like crazy! It was so fun to watch his feet move all around!

Food Aversions/Cravings: A juicy orange hits the spot, and so have plain bagels and plain cream cheese! Grilled /baked chicken continues to gross me out.

Sleep: Still sleeping good. A pillow between my legs is the best way for me to be comfortable.

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: We found out that it’s a boy! Both Andy & I thought girl so we were shocked (in a good way)! I’m so happy to have a son! My nephew just might be the most excited:) Of course after I found out I had to pick him up an outfit!


Looking forward to: So many things! Figuring out how to decorate his room, and finding a name for him! I also got the ok from my doctor to run the Pig half so I signed up! I’m having Andy design a shirt for me! (Any suggestions???)

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I am pretty much happy all the time.

Sashka Co Glass Bead Bracelets

About 6 months ago I was introduced to Sashka Co bracelets. I feel in love with the company and what their mission.

I was contacted again to review their glass bead bracelets.

These are beautiful!  Each bracelet is handmade by a skilled artisan in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. These are very well made and are the perfect addition to any outfit. They come in a variety of colors, but these black and gold ones may just be my favorite! The are one size fits all and slid easily over my hand.


The bracelets are made as part of the Fair Trade Organization. A portion of each sale goes towards helping this organization. Per the Sashka Co website this is what purchasing the bracelets benefits:

A Living Wage
The fair trade pricing system enables workers to receive a livable income that covers their basic needs, which include food, shelter, education, and health care for their families. Fair Traders pay producers promptly and, if necessary, help them with access to pre-production financing.

Long Term Investment
Fair trade is about building direct, long-term and stable relationships between importers and producers. Long term contracts are a key component of Fair Trade because they provide artisans with consistent work and job security.

Environmental Sustainability
Fair trade actively encourages environmentally friendly production by promoting the use of local and recycled materials, sustainable techniques and organic practices. Fair trade farmers are required to implement integrated crop management and are given price incentives as well as ongoing trainings, to help facilitate their transition to organic farming.

Empowerment for Women
Fair trade provides employment without discrimination and ensures equal pay for equal work for both women and men. According to the Fair Trade Federation, 70% of fair trade artisans are women who are often the sole wage earners in their homes. Fair trade not only allows women to earn an income, while attending to their daily tasks, but also provides them with leadership positions and an equal voice in decision making.

Safe and Healthy Working Conditions
Fair trade means a safe and healthy working environment for artisans and farmers and no forced or exploitive child labor.

Transparent Trade Terms
Fair trade ensures transparent trade terms throughout the supply chain. Finances, management policies and business practices of businesses engaged in fair trade are transparent.


I’m going to be ordering more bracelets not only for myself, but I think they could make great gifts! The $12 price tag is perfect! The shipping is reasonable too($3.50) and quick! The bracelets come packaged in little mesh bags which are great for storing!


I look forward to doing business with them soon!

Which bracelet is your favorite?

* I was provided with bracelets for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Workouts & 20 week update

Today is a Cincinnati holiday, it’s the Reds Opening Day! This means spring is here and I couldn’t be more happy about that!  Unfortunately we won’t be heading to the game today but I’m looking forward to catching a game soon!

Last week I had a great week of workouts! I went to sports conditioning & circuit training at the gym, ran 5 miles on Thursday then 10 miles on Sunday (more on that below), and even went to a new prenatal yoga class. I was pleased when I looked at my Daily Mile chart :)

I cannot believe I am 20 weeks today, aka halfway done! I definitely popped last week. I could feel everything stretching! 


Weight gained: I’m up 3 pounds (@16 weeks). I don’t have a scale at home so I won’t know any more until my 20 week appointment, which is Friday!

Workouts: As I mentioned before it was a great week.  My 10 miler yesterday went well! I ran a 5 mile loop track that was perfect, there was a restroom! At mile 4 another runner chatted with me. He was training for Boston which will be his 104th marathon!  Unbelievable! I made a pit stop halfway through and ate a snack. Eating during a run is different during pregnancy for me, I cramp much easier.  The second half of the run I took it easy. I walked a few times but overall felt great! I feel fortunate that I can still run. Running is a passion and a time to clear my head. I hope I can continue for a while!


Symptoms: My lower back was tight, which is why I went to yoga (which was awesome! ). I’ve also been feeling some round ligament pain but those have subsided.

Movement: This baby loves to kick in the morning!  I also feel kicks in the evening.  The weird part is when it feels like a flip!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Oranges!  The juicier the better! Also bbq anything tastes really good! Only adversion is plain baked chicken.

Sleep: Most nights I sleep just fine.  Last night I woke up at 330 to go to the restroom and couldn’t fall back asleep.  Then at 4 I was super hungry so I ate a snack. I finally fell back asleep around 5 :/

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: We bought a crib! Andy is anxious to set it up!

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I am pretty much happy all the time.

Looking forward to: Ultrasound this Friday! We will find out the gender at our little reveal get together this Saturday!

A great run + 19 week update

This weekend I had 7 miles to run for my half training plan.  I was on my own since my brother was out of town for a baseball tournament for my nephew.  Saturdays weather looked perfect so I planned to run that morning.  The nice thing about not running with anyone was I could take my time in the morning and head out whenever I wanted! 

I’ve been better about wearing my heart rate monitor with my Garmin (I always wear my Polar at the gym). For this run I decided I wanted to run with my heart rate at 160, which is a very comfortable pace for me.  I felt great the entire run. So great infact I ran my last mile at 9:02 pace. Which is fast for me right now :)



I plan on continuing to run like that. Every week is different for me with running,  I just hope by the Pig half I’m still feeling great! Just about 6 weeks to go!

—- 19 weeks!—-


Weight gained: I’m up 3 pounds (@16 weeks). I don’t have a scale at home so I won’t know any more until my 20 week appointment.

Workouts: I got 2 runs in (5&7 miles), and a one hour circuit class. I had to miss my normal Friday morning class because I went to see Wicked (SO good!) on Thursday night and didn’t get to bed until midnight. 

Symptoms: I’m feeling a little bit of heartburn after I eat tomato based foods.

Movement: Those flutters have now turned into kicks! The kicks are strong enough now for Andy to feel them!  Such a strange and cool feeling for sure! This baby may just be a soccer player like mom :)

Food Aversions/Cravings: I’m still loving fresh fruits and this green smoothie. Only aversion is some chicken, mostly baked.


Sleep: I get about 8-10 hours a night so I can’t complain.

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: The strong kicks I felt Sunday. Also, Andy & I babysat his cousin’s 7 month old on Friday. Seeing him with her makes me totally excited to see him with our baby.

Belly Button In or Out? In

Wedding Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I am pretty much happy all the time.

Looking forward to: finding out the gender in less that two weeks!