Getting back to it

 When you don’t do something for a long time you being to miss it. Then you try and get back to it, then something pops up. That’s how I have felt with blogging lately. I really, really, miss writing my thought here. I miss sharing all the exciting times with Breck here. I miss sharing my weekly running updates, goals, and workouts here. I am going to make the blog part of my life again. I know I will be thankful one day when I look back and reread old posts.

I have noticed that happening with other blogs I read in the past. I like to blame Instagram for killing the blogging world. It is so much easier to snap a picture in the moment and share it with the world right away. I am guilty of doing that! I don’t get my nice camera out as often as I should. Again, that is something I am going to make part of my life. I have even started leaving the camera out so I can quickly grab it to take candid shots because those are my favorites.

So much has changed since my last post 4 months ago. Breck is now 10 months old! He has four teeth, crawls and furniture walks, yells as loud as he can, dances to his favorite songs (Flo Rida’s GDFR, every kids favorite, right?!), and makes me smile every day. He says “hi”, “uh oh”, “dada”, and we are working on mama! He waves bye and loves looking at himself in the mirror (I have no idea where he gets that from!) He gets super crabby if he doesn’t get his long naps, and I have never seen a baby get so hangry! He loves to not listen to us and do his own thing! He is a great baby and I am so lucky to be his mama!

I have left my dream interpreting job that I worked at for two years.  I went back to work part time after I had Breck, but my job wasn’t typical 9-5 and everyday I had a different schedule, traveled all over locally, and it became very stressful. I would find myself getting upset if I had to work at a job until 5 on the whole other side of town, meaning I wouldn’t get home until 5:45 or 6. I loved that job but the perfect oppurnity popped up and I worked so hard to get it. I am now doing video relay interpreting and freelancing in the community when I can. The best part is I can pick when I want to work. I am able to spend a little bit more time at home with Breck! I worked so hard to get here, with all the road blocks that came my way, and I feel so proud of myself for never giving up. I am so happy in my career!

With that said, I still have my personal training certification that is just collecting dust. With my new schedule I have more time to start working on building my business. I have tossed the idea around of starting an online training option. I have something I need to figure out before I jump into it. I have so many ideas in my head that I need to write out to see if they can be made a possibility!

I am getting back to running. I have weeks that I will run three times and then I will go two weeks without a run. I am working on making it a habit to getting out early in the morning once or twice a week.  I always feel good after I run but I dread the heat! I am thinking of joining a running group to help with my lack of motivation. I am signed up for a half this fall and I cannot wait to race again! I was very sad not to run the Pig this past May. I have been going to the gym twice a week (or I do the workout at home if I can’t make it to class). In my last post I mentioned I wanted to get some muscle tone back, which is still a work in progress.

This post wouldn’t be complete without pictures to update everyone! I am looking forward to getting back to what I love. I hope I can gain some new readers, as well as connect with my old readers!

IMG_20150618_080619 - Copy

Summer running

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First Red’s game!


Summer fun at the pool!


Update the front porch, my favorite spot!

Oh, Hello

b2 Yes, it has been over four months since my last post. I have started this post numerous times, but I’m finally getting around to posting! I have both enjoyed and missed my time away from my blog.  I have been spending my time either working, taking care of Breck, squeezing in a workout, running, and just staying logged off the computer. My time away has left me with all kinds of new ideas to blog about! I am happy to connect back with my readers, if anyone is still around!


Since my last update so much has changed! Breck is now almost 6 months! He is so much fun! Seeing him learn something new everyday is exciting! He is such a happy baby. Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments of crying fits and whatnot but I know how lucky I am to have a fairly easy baby. He sleeps through the night most nights. He is a big boy weighing around 20 pounds! He is in 6-9 month clothes, but mostly 9 month. He started solids a few weeks ago and that has been a fun adventure! I started making my own baby food and still I’m still trying to perfect the art of pureeing. He loves green beans, apples, and rice cereal. He isn’t a fan of mangos and is unsure about sweet potatoes and pears. This weekend we will try avocado!



I have been taking him to swim lessons and tumbling class (which is mostly tummy time). He absolutely loves both! There is a local place that offers both classes free until age 6 months, so our time is almost up! I want to continue swim lessons but I think I will hold out until the summer when my rec center has classes. We’ve learned some fun activities from tumbling class to do at home so I will continue to do those.



He looks awful cute in his baby speedo!



Since my last postpartum check in I have improved my running speed! I am happy to say I hit a pace I haven’t seen in such a long time- 8:38! I think I had a smile on my face for two days from that run! I haven’t been getting to the gym as often as I’d like. I try to run 3 times a week but more often than not I usually get 1-2 runs in. I also try to get to the gym once a week but sometimes that doesn’t work out (I used to by a month pass for the classes but now I pay the one time class pass to save money since I know I won’t go 5 days a week).  I have been doing T25 instead of going to the gym. I don’t really follow the plan. I have been doing most of the beta series 2-3 times a week. I like that T25 is just 25 minutes. It makes it easy to get really good workout done within a short amount of time!



I am actually 6 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and I think it is due to muscle loss. My goal has been to get those muscles back! Lifting a 20 pound baby around should do the trick! :) I will be honest, I was nervous about how my body would look after having a baby. I am completely happy with how I look and feel. I worked out through my whole pregnancy, ate healthy foods (most of the time!) and it has paid off. I am amazed at what the human body can do!



I am still working part time and have been enjoying the balance. I remember I was worried about working and continuing to breastfeed. I set a goal for myself to make it to 6 months and see how it goes. I’m happy to say as I’m only 2 weeks away from the 6 month mark and I can make it work for 6 more months to make it to my big goal of breastfeeding for a year. Most of the time I am pumping while driving (and eating lunch!) in between appointments. Ideal? No, but it’s what works for me! I always feel like a super mom!


So there that’s my update! Next week I will have posts up about running, and my favorite baby items for the first 6 months!

What have you been up to? Please leave a comment on what other posts you’d like to see, miss, etc! I’d love to hear from what readers I may still have!

Fitness Check In {2 months}

It’s hard to believe 8 weeks have passed since B was born. Then again, it feels like forever ago I was walking around with my pregnant belly! Since my last fitness check in I have started back to work. That has made it a challenge to get my workouts in during the week. When I come home all I want to do is cuddle my baby, hang out with my husband, eat dinner, and go to bed early. I have 4 days off in a row so I am trying to make the most of that time. I’m slowing figuring out a schedule that works.

I went to a dance class at the yoga/barre studio that I am using a Groupon for, but it turns out that class isn’t included in the deal, darn! I really enjoyed the one class I attended. The energy was high, the people were nice, and I was doing my favorite thing-dancing! I’m going to keep my eyes open for a deal for that class, {or ask for gift cards for Christmas!} because I had so much fun!


I am slowing getting back into running. My first run was 2 miles at a 10:53 pace. I didn’t care though, I was running finally! Running has became easier each time I have gone out. I have been running once every weekend and am back up to 3.5 miles. I even saw a mile at 8:30-something I haven’t seen since before I was pregnant! I signed up for my second race of the year, the Thanksgiving Day 10k. My brother has signed up too! I love that I’ve passed the running bug onto him!


I’ve also been going to barre class when I can find the time. I’ve also been trying to do some ab work on the days I am home. As time goes on, and I get more sleep, I think I will have more energy to workout after work. For now I am enjoying Breck at this age. He is growing each day and his personality is starting to show! I will have his 2 month update later this week after we go for his appointment!

I am pleased with my progress in the past 4 weeks! I am 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I am starting to fit back into my old clothes (which is like having a whole new wardrobe!). I feel good and that is what’s most important!





Breck: One month update



So, I’m a little late on posting this but here it is! The first month with Breck in our lives has been rewarding, challenging, fun, and exciting. Andy & I jumped into our new roles as Mom & Dad fairly easy. All three of us are new to this so we are all learning!


Height/Weight: 22 inches & 10 lbs 14.5 oz! B is filling out and getting all kinds of rolls!

Sleeping: At night he is waking up every 2 hours. In the mornings he takes a long nap which has been nice!

Eating/Feeding: He has been exclusively breastfed , which has been going really well! Around 3 weeks I started pumping once a day to start a freezer stash for when I go back to work. Andy gave him his first bottle and he took it with no problem. My hope for when I go back to work, part time, is that he will still nurse when he is with me and will take a bottle only when I’m away.


Sizes:  Newborn fits best but we didn’t buy much of that. Carter’s 3 month clothes also fit really well.

Milestones: He is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He is getting stronger everyday. He isn’t a fan of tummy time but can turn his head from side to side.


Dusting off the old running shoes

On Sunday I charged up my Garmin, dug out my running shoes, and headed out for a short run. It felt awesome to get out all my old running clothes! I hadn’t worn them in so long that they all felt new! I decided to just run- no time goals, or even distance goals. I would just go out and do what I could. I had no idea what to expect and didn’t want to push myself too hard.

I’ll admit, I thought I’d get out there and feel comfortable at an easy pace. Boy, was I wrong. It was tough! As I was running my first mile I questioned how I ever ran 26! I pushed myself to get to the first mile and then I could take a break. I was shocked to see I ran that mile at an 11:00 pace. By how I felt I thought I would have been at least in the 9′s!

After taking a break (I ended up seeing my mom drive by so she stopped to chat) I started mile two. A good song came on Pandora and I picked up the pace. I guess I felt a little more warmed up. I felt much better in the second mile, even with a slight incline, and ran it in 10:45.


At the end I felt tired, but thrilled to be running again. I know with time my speed will come back. I also know with time my endurance will come back. For now I am just going to enjoy the run. I’ve missed that quiet time, taking in all the sights, smelling the fresh air (or laundry, or the grill, or the smelly trash-ha), and just that sense of accomplishment you get after you finish a run. I need to get my pace back down so I can run with my brother again.

I felt sore yesterday which was something I hadn’t felt in a long time! I loved it! I am already looking forward to running again this weekend! Who knows, maybe I will be able to run just a little bit further & a little bit faster :)

If you had a baby, or taken a significant time off running, how did you feel on the first run? Did it get easier as time went? What  did your training look like?